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MessageStats 7.8.1 - Deployment Guide

MessageStats Architecture Overview Planning for Deployment Deployment Recommendations and Solutions

Determine the Number of Task Execution Servers

You should distribute computing resources when gathering information to ensure that MessageStats can deliver the information in the quickest and least intrusive way possible. Consider the following:

It is recommended that you install one Task Execution Server for each dispersed geographic area in your organization, provided that the servers have reasonable SQL connectivity and sufficient computing resources to handle the work.

Locate the MessageStats Scheduler Server

The MessageStats Scheduler Server coordinates tasks that collect the information and manages the configured task schedules.

Select the location of the scheduler server based on reasonable network connectivity with the Task Execution Servers and the database server. Good connectivity is required because:

One method to test connectivity to Task Execution Servers is to use ping statistics from a varying number of servers located in different areas of the world to the Task Execution Server locations. Locate the MessageStats Schedule server where you find an acceptable average speed.

Locate the Task Execution Servers

Task Execution Servers collect data as directed by the scheduler server. The type of data collected depends on the task that is executed. Since the Task Execution Server is responsible for storing the collected information into the database, database connectivity is a primary concern.

A Task Execution Server should be located close to the Exchange servers from which it collects data. Since a Task Execution Server can be configured to use an alternate Exchange connection server to collect the information related to Exchange objects, proximity to the alternate Exchange server is also a consideration.

Locate the MessageStats Database Server

The location of MessageStats database server is critical within the deployment because all the other MessageStats components depend heavily on this storage component.

For best results, locate the SQL Server that hosts the MessageStats database within a data center that has the highest connectivity to the Task Execution Servers, the scheduler server, and the IIS reports server.

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