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KACE Desktop Authority 11.1 - Release Notes

What is Validation Logic?

In order for the profiles and configuration elements to be processed for users or computers, Desktop Authority must qualify whether a setting should be applied to the client. To do this, a set of rules is created for every profile and configuration element within the Manager. This set of rules, which includes the definition of connection types, class types, operating systems and many other types, is called Validation Logic.

During the logon/logoff, startup/shutdown, refresh, or custom schedules, the Validation Logic of each profile is inspected. If the Validation Logic matches the client environment, the profile is marked for processing. Once each profile's Validation Logic is evaluated, the Validation Logic for all configuration elements in the marked profiles is evaluated. When complete, the resulting qualified configuration elements are executed on the client in the following order.

User Management Validation Logic includes settings for different Validation types, classes, operating systems, connection types, timing, virtualization, platform and network connection options.

Computer Management Validation Logic includes settings for different Validation types, classes, operating systems, timing, virtualization, architecture and network connection options.

It is important to keep in mind that not all configuration elements will be executed on a client just because its profile passes the validation test. This is due to the secondary validation logic that is provided on individual configuration elements. If a configuration element has no validation logic rules defined and its profile passes the validation test, the configuration element will automatically be processed on the client.

Use the boxes on the Validation Logic and Validation Logic Rules pages to define the specific rules, classes, operating systems and connection types (not applicable to Computer Management objects), timing (timing is on a separate tab for the Computer Management objects), virtualization, platform and network connection that the rules will apply to.

When the Validation Logic Rules list includes more than one rule, Boolean logic is used between each of the rules to obtain a result. Select either the AND or OR option below the validation logic rules list. The selected logic will apply to all rules defined in the list.

Disable this element regardless of validation

Select this check box to temporarily disable the selected configuration element from executing. Clearing the box will re-enable the configuration setting. 

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