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KACE Desktop Authority 11.1 - Release Notes


The Preferences dialog presents several options that are used to configure Desktop Authority Manager. Click Preferences on the Manager's System Menu.


User preferences

Select the Language for the Desktop Authority Manager to use. Currently it is available in English and Russian.

Date/Time format

Select the format the system will use to display all date and time fields.

Session timeout

The Session timeout value represents the amount of time the Desktop Authority Console session can remain active while not in use. Once the selected timeout value is reached, the user logged into the console will automatically be logged out. Select a timeout value from the session timeout drop list.

Time zone

Select to display the server time or the local time in the console. Also select the default time zone for the Desktop Authority Manager. All times will be adjusted and shown in the selected zone.

Profile sort order

Select the sort order of the Client Configuration Computer and User profiles. Select from by Category, Alphabetically, or by Execution Order.


The Desktop Authority gives the option of being displayed with different themes.

Default description for new list elements

Each object configuration element has a description associated with it. Specify the default description for use on each new configuration element. Several predefined dynamic variables may be used in the description. They are currently limited to: $USERID, $FULLNAME, $WKSTA, $DATE and $TIME.

Entering Created by $Userid, $Date $Time provides a description of Created by Administrator, 5/10/2003 11:24 when a new element is added.

The default description is applied to all future configuration elements added to any profile object. Existing elements are not updated. The description may be overridden for each configuration element.

By default, show hidden shares in resource browser

The Resource Browser displays a selection box of available shared, drives and/or folders. Select this box to set the default value for the Show hidden shares checkbox in the Resource Browser.

Show Active Directory in resource browser

Select this option to shows Domains, Users and Groups, Computers and Domain Controllers Active Directory objects in the Resource Browser.

By default, show confirmation when navigating off unsaved data page

When a user is editing an element within an object, there is the possibility to navigate away from the unsaved element dialog. Select this box to show a confirmation message that the unsaved data will be lost if you leave the page. Unselect this box so no confirmation message will appear when this scenario happens.

By default, show welcome screen upon startup

When starting the Desktop Authority manager after an upgrade, there is a dialog box that can be displayed which shows a features list for the newly installed version. This notification can be turned off by unselecting this checkbox as well as selecting the "Do not show on startup" checkbox on the upgrade notification dialog.

Show unused objects in profiles

Choose to show all objects within a profile or hide the unused objects, by default, within the profile.

Note: When unselected, a new profile will show only the Logging and Alerts profile objects. To see all of the objects for a profile, this box or the Profile Actions Show Unused must be selected .


Show confirm dialog when the following operations are attempted

Select the box next to each listed item if you want to see a confirmation dialog box when the specified task/action occurs. You will be given the option to continue with the operation or cancel it at that time. Unselecting the box on this dialog means you will not be prompted for confirmation when these actions occur.

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