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KACE Cloud Current - Release Notes

Known Issues

The following issues are known to exist at the time of release.

Table 1: General known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
App catalog is listing uploaded apps on non-fully managed Android devices. 6826
Sideloaded apps are not always installing on Android devices. 6800
On Android, when installing kiosk apps during enrollment, the Installation Window may close prematurely leaving a blank app window. This should resolve automatically within a few minutes, after the apps in question complete installation. 6667
Android app associated with a policy appears to be installed on a device before it is actually installed, for example when the device is unavailable. 6182
Reporting: Device threats fields different in CSV than in the report. 6183
Defender configuration: Randomize scheduled scans setting does not change Defender setting. 6449
Defender: EDR card have enough space for Organization ID and Last Connected. 6177
Windows variable replacement does not remove spaces. 5975
An Android agent update causes the device to exit kiosk mode. 5850
Some types of option sets are not applied to Android COPE devices. 5843
Smart label is not automatically including new macOS 12 devices. 5514
The KACE Connect app occasionally fails to deploy with the configured settings. The root issue is that the app settings are not always imported from Google Play appropriately. Deleting the app from the library and re-importing typically fixes the issue. 5510
iOS restriction sets can occasionally get left behind on a device. This is rarely an issue when applied through policies, but can occur if a restriction set is manually deployed to the device before the policy manager has a chance to push it. 4949
Installing a VPP (iOS) app to device while assigning the license to the user (instead of the device) fails. 4756
An Android Web App cannot be deleted from the app library if it was unapproved from the Google Play store. 4693

Product Licensing

Subscription and licensing information is managed from the Settings page in KACE® Cloud. It includes information on paid and trial subscriptions, licenses, start and end dates, available licenses, and more. For details, see About subscriptions and licensing

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