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Foglight 6.0.0 - REST API Reference Guide

Getting Started

Foglight provides REST APIs that enable programmatic access to access Foglight data and functions. A REST API consists of collections of addressable resources, with each resource including a set of methods that enables a specific type of interaction. Each request can be further modified with a set of common parameters.

The Foglight REST API provides access to the following resource collections:

The Foglight REST API uses the HTTP request methods below:

Get: used for requests that retrieve elements from the Foglight server.
Put: used for requests that change elements on the Foglight server.
Post: used for requests that create elements on the Foglight server.
Delete: used for requests that delete an element on the Foglight server.

The documentation for each resource indicates which request method should be used.

Accessing the API

The Foglight REST API is integrated into the Foglight Management Server and available at the URL below, where <FMSName> is the host name or IP of your Foglight Management Server.

You may access the online API documentation at the URL below:


Requests made to the Foglight REST API must be properly authenticated to receive a response. Authentication requires an account that has been granted the appropriate roles and an authorization token that is included with each request.

Roles required for REST API authentication

At a minimum, any user account used for REST API requests must have the API Access role. If you intend to run scripts via the REST API, the user account used must also have the Administrator role.

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