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Foglight 6.0.0 - Creating Actions Field Guide

Adding Custom Action Types to Foglight

This Creating Actions Field Guide provides conceptual information about actions in Foglight®, along with configuration and instructions that will help you create custom action types.

This guide is intended for Foglight cartridge developers and field engineers who need to create actions in Foglight.

About Foglight Actions

Foglight® actions are building blocks that can be bound to rules. Actions can interact with other systems, run scripts or manipulate the environment in other ways when a rule condition to which the action is bound to is met. A default Foglight installation contains a collection of core action types that you can bind to rules as required. They include email actions, command-type actions, script actions, and others. For complete information about core actions and how to add them to rule definitions, see the Administration and Configuration Guide.

In monitoring environments where the functionality of core Foglight actions does not meet the needs of your business requirements, you can create custom action types and add them to Foglight as required. This guide is packaged with a ZIP file, Use this file as a template when creating custom action types.

NOTE: The file is packaged with this guide on the Quest Technical Documentation page, You can download it from the Support Portal:

Getting Started

Before you get started with writing the code for custom actions, you need to ensure that your development environment includes the tools you need, create a valid directory structure, and ensure that the appropriate environment variables exist and point to the correct locations on your system. For complete information, see the following sections:

What You Need

First thing you need to do is to ensure that your development machine has all of the required tools needed to proceed with writing and building your code. The following list identifies the required software components:

JavaTM development environment. You can use your existing Java environment for writing and compiling the code.
Apache ANT. You will use Apache ANT for building and packaging the code. To download the latest version of ANT, visit the following Web site:
Foglight® Management Server. When you finish writing the code, you can test it by deploying the action to the server. This will require access to the Foglight installation directory and a user account for the browser interface.
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