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Foglight for Storage Management Shared 4.8.5 - User and Reference Guide

Getting Started Configuring Agents to Monitor Storage Devices
Brocade SAN Switches Cisco SAN Switches Dell Compellent Arrays Dell EqualLogic PS Series Array Groups EMC CLARiiON CX Series Arrays (CLI) EMC CLARiiON, VNX, or VMAX Storage Arrays (SMI-S) EMC Isilon EMC VPLEX Hitachi Data Systems AMS, USP, and VSP HP EVA Storage Arrays HP 3PAR Arrays NetApp Filers Configuration Procedures
Managing Agents Using Foglight for Storage Management Monitoring Storage Performance Investigating Storage Devices Investigating Storage Components Investigating VPLEX Storage Troubleshooting Storage Performance Managing Data Collection, Rules, and Alarms Understanding Metrics Appendix: Collection Target Support Matrix Online-Only Topics

Managing CLARiiON Domains and Arrays

The Array Details tab allows you to discover arrays in additional domains, and rediscover new arrays added to existing domains. For more information, see EMC CLARiiON CX Series Arrays (CLI).

Figure 13. Array Details

Managing the Hitachi Tuning Manager

The HDS Tuning Manager Settings tab allows you to enable or disable collection from the Hitachi Tuning Manager (on Windows). For information about Hitachi Tuning Manager requirements and metrics, see Hitachi Data Systems AMS, USP, and VSP.

From this tab you can edit settings for the HDS Tuning Manager.

Click Edit Settings for HDS Tuning Manager.
Select the Use HDS Tuning Manager check box. Provide a path if the HDS Tuning Manager is not installed at the default location. (This example shows a non-default path).
Click Save.
If the validation completes with no errors, click OK, then click Cancel to exit this dialog box.
If the validation encounters an error, click the Error label to display the error. Fix the problem, then click Save to try and validate again.
Click Edit Settings for HDS Tuning Manager.
Clear the Use HDS Tuning Manager check box.
Click Save.
Click Cancel to exit this dialog box.

Deploying Storage Agents after an Upgrade

After the StorageCollector cartridge is updated, (using the Installed Cartridge dashboard), it needs to be deployed to the Agent Manager(s) that have agents of this type. Deployment should be done from the Storage Environment Administration dashboard.

Using the Update Agent function on the Storage Environment Administration tab will ensure that updates to the StorageCollector agent remain in synch with updates to the embedded database.

After the upgrade completes successfully, the Storage Collector Agents view may show that the agents are not active. This is a temporary state, while the agents are being upgraded with the new code.


Using Foglight for Storage Management

This section tells you how to verify that Foglight for Storage Management is capturing storage collection data for all the devices you are interested in monitoring.

This section covers the following topics:

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