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Foglight for Integrations 5.9.8 - Release Notes

Foglight For Integration 5.9.8 Release Notes

Foglight® for Integration 5.9.8

Developed for Foglight Management Server 5.9.8

Release Notes

December 2020



Welcome to Foglight for Integration

New in this release

Resolved issues and enhancements

Known issues

Upgrade and compatibility

System requirements

Product licensing

Getting started with Foglight for Integration

About Us


Welcome to Foglight for Integration

Welcome to Foglight for Integration

Quest Software's Foglight® solution simplifies application performance monitoring and reduces the skills and effort required to manage applications, the user experience, and the supporting infrastructure.

Unlike other solutions, Foglight uses a single code base, and has a model-driven design that couples fast deployment and accelerated time-to-value. It offers the modular flexibility required to deliver a range of capabilities and sophistication to meet the needs of any organization—from those still focused on technology-centric monitoring to those that have completed the transition to application-centric or transactional monitoring.

Foglight performs equally well in physical, virtual, and mixed infrastructure environments, providing visibility into issues affecting the application and end-user experience. Intuitive workflows help you quickly move from the symptom to the root cause in the application, database, infrastructure, or network to resolve issues, reducing mean time to resolution. Predefined and drag-and-drop dashboards provide insight that is tailored to each stakeholder. By offering comprehensive visibility into your monitored environment, Foglight helps ensure that cross-functional teams collaborate on and prioritize issues that matter most to the business.

Foglight Cartridge for Integration provides the ability to receive alarms from third-party technology monitoring systems into Foglight. It also provides the ability to forward alarms from Foglight to third-party systems. For example, alarms can be forwarded to an event console. In addition, The Cartridge for Integration provides the ability to feed ticket information into Foglight and it allows external systems to feed XML into Foglight to clear and acknowledge alarms.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds, and other important information about the 5.9.8 release of the Cartridge for Integration. Review all sections before starting the installation.


New in this release

New in this release

This 5.9.8 release of Foglight for Integration contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Supports to display rule names in ServiceNow incident and added a Backward Synchronization Strategy Configuration. (FGLCM-22, FGLCM-88)

  • Supports to define the ServiceNow group for each alarm. (FGLCM-265, FGLCM-288)


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