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Foglight Change Analyzer 6.0.0 - User Guide


The Users and Permissions view displays the user/group, role, and the privileges the role has, for a selected virtual object. It also identifies where the permissions are defined.

Description of view elements

This view is made up of the following elements:

This bar allows you to specify the objects for which you want to review the user groups and permissions.

Selectors: Selected Object > Click Browse to open the Select an Object dialog box.

Select Object Type drop-down list. Allows you to select a virtual object from the following options:

Search box. Allows you to type the name of a virtual object.

The Users and Permissions—Quick view is updated with information relevant for the for the selected object.

This view displays the list of user groups with configured for a selected virtual object (in the upper table) and detailed information about their credentials (in the lower table).

Search box. Allows you to type the name of a user group that you want review.

Upper table. Displays all the user groups defined for the virtual object selected in the Users and Permissions—Selectors bar.

User/Group. Shows the user group name.
Role. Shows the role assigned to a user group.
Defined in. Shows the virtual object(s) where the user group is defined.
Virtual Center. Shows the virtual center where the user group is defined.

Lower table. Displays detailed information about credentials defined for the user group selected in the upper table.

Privilege Group/Name. Shows the privilege groups defined for a selected user group. Expand each privilege group to see the name of all privileges defined as part of that group.
Description. Shows a short description of each privilege type.

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VM Configuration Comparison view

To open the VM Configuration Comparison view, click the VM Configuration Comparison icon on the Change Analyzer tab > Menu bar.

For more details, see the following topics:


The VM Configuration Comparison view allows you to compare all VMs within a selected environment to a specific “gold standard” template or reference VM. If they differ, it displays a detailed list of all the configuration differences.

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