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Enterprise Reporter 3.5 - Configuration Manager User Guide

Product Overview Configuring the Configuration Manager
Starting the Configuration Manager Finding answers and getting help Overview of Enterprise Reporter Communications and Credentials Required Using the Credential Manager Setting Up Your First Collection Computers (Nodes) Modifying Your Deployment Configuring Global Settings Customizing the Configuration Manager View
Understanding Discoveries Creating Discoveries
Step 1. Create the Discovery (Name) Step 2. Choose what to include in your discovery (Scopes) Step 2a. Choose scopes for your on-premises discoveries
Choosing your Active Directory Scopes Choosing your Computer Scopes Choosing Your Exchange Scopes Choosing Your File Storage Analysis Scopes Choosing Your Microsoft SQL Scopes Choosing Your NTFS Scopes Choosing Your Registry Scopes
Step 2b: Choose scopes for your cloud discoveries Step 3. Schedule your Discovery Step 4: Review the summary
Managing Discoveries Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter Appendix: PowerShell cmdlets Appendix: Encryption Key Manager Appendix: Log Viewer

Resolving Configuration Manager Issues

The Configuration Manager is used to configure your data collection. Collecting data involves your network security, which can occasionally cause problems.

See also:

Node Issues

A node is a computer assigned to a cluster and is responsible for processing discoveries. In this section, you will find troubleshooting for the following issues related to nodes:

Node Deployment Issues

If something goes wrong with your node deployment or upgrade, you can manually install and configure the node. When you manually install a node, it appears in the Configuration Manager as an unassociated node.

The following requirements must be met:

Before you begin:

Click Change to choose another folder, then click Next.
Click Install, then click Finish.

Dealing with Unassociated Nodes

An unassociated node is one that has been either manually installed, or left behind from a previous installation of Enterprise Reporter. You can either uninstall the node, or associate the node with a cluster.

Click Associate Node(s) with Selected Cluster.
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