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Enterprise Reporter 3.5 - Configuration Manager User Guide

Product Overview Configuring the Configuration Manager
Starting the Configuration Manager Finding answers and getting help Overview of Enterprise Reporter Communications and Credentials Required Using the Credential Manager Setting Up Your First Collection Computers (Nodes) Modifying Your Deployment Configuring Global Settings Customizing the Configuration Manager View
Understanding Discoveries Creating Discoveries
Step 1. Create the Discovery (Name) Step 2. Choose what to include in your discovery (Scopes) Step 2a. Choose scopes for your on-premises discoveries
Choosing your Active Directory Scopes Choosing your Computer Scopes Choosing Your Exchange Scopes Choosing Your File Storage Analysis Scopes Choosing Your Microsoft SQL Scopes Choosing Your NTFS Scopes Choosing Your Registry Scopes
Step 2b: Choose scopes for your cloud discoveries Step 3. Schedule your Discovery Step 4: Review the summary
Managing Discoveries Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter Appendix: PowerShell cmdlets Appendix: Encryption Key Manager Appendix: Log Viewer

Configuring Server Error Notification

Enterprise Reporter can be configured to display or suppress a login notification indicating that the Enterprise Reporter server has unexpectedly restarted since the last login.

On the System Configuration page, click Manage server error notification.
Select Do not show server restarted error to suppress the notification.

Managing Tenant Applications

Azure applications are used by cloud discoveries (Azure Active Directory, Azure Resource, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online). The cloud applications used by Enterprise Reporter must be registered in your Azure environment and consent must be provided for the application’s permissions. The owner of each Azure application is the person who first configures the application.

The Tenant Application Manager in Enterprise Reporter tracks which tenants are configured and available for discoveries. Basic configuration is available for the Enterprise Reporter applications. Any outside changes to Azure applications must be managed separately and can adversely affect the results of your collections.

On the Configuration page, click Manage tenant applications.
Click Add.
Click Delete.
Click Yes to confirm that discoveries for any tenant that you delete will be unable to collect data
Click Configure or Reconfigure beside the application.
Click Configure beside the application.
Click Reconfigure beside the application.

Managing the Logon Configuration

Enterprise Reporter can be configured to bypass the login screen. This eliminates the need to enter the server and port information.

Click Configuration.
Click Manage bypass of the login screen.
Optionally, enable Show the login dialog at startup.

Customizing the Configuration Manager View

To help you view information in the Configuration Manager, you can sort columns and resize panels.

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