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Change Auditor 7.2 - User Guide

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Using the Private Alerts and Reports page on the Administration Tasks tab, administrators can disable alert notifications and scheduled reports that were created under a user’s Private folder. This feature allows administrators to clean up orphaned alerts and reports in all user’s private folders.


Private Alerts and Reports page

The Private Alerts and Reports page is displayed when Private Alerts and Reports is selected from the Configuration task list in the navigation pane of the Administration Tasks tab and displays a list of all private search queries where alerting and/or reporting has been enabled and configured. From this page, administrators with the proper permissions can disable valid alerts and reports from a user’s private folder.

For each private alert/report found, the following information is displayed:

Enabled - which means that alerting is enabled for the search query and that at least one transport method is enabled.
Disabled - which means that the alert is disabled for the search query; however at least one transport method is still enabled.
Enabled - which means reporting is enabled for the search query and a report will be sent to the specified recipients as defined on the Report tab.
Disabled - which means previously enabled reporting has now been disabled for the search query.

Disable private alerts and reports

Select Private Alerts and Reports from the task list.


Generate and Schedule Reports

Presenting audited information in a professional, concise, and effective way is as critical as gathering the data. You can schedule reports to be sent through email (using the same SMTP configuration defined for alerts), published to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS) or to the Quest Knowledge Portal, or send to a shared folder.

Change Auditor’s reporting allows you to specify who can see the report and define which data to include. For example, administrators could define reports that highlight how many times a particular event or category of events occurred in the last 30 days or provide a more detailed accounting to include who made the changes, how many times, and the before and after values associated with those changes.


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