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Change Auditor 7.2 - User Guide

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View search results

Use the column controls to sort, rearrange, or group the data displayed. See Customize table content for more information on using the column controls to customize the content of this page.
Change Auditor also provides advanced filtering options that allow you to modify the results of a search without changing the original search. Click in the Click here to filter data cell to enter the criteria to be used to filter the data displayed. See Filter data for more information on using Change Auditor’s filtering feature.

Display results in different formats

When a grouping is created (for example, a single column heading is dragged up into the heading area to group the data), three icons are added to the heading area which can be used to display the data in a different format. The following icons/formats are available:

Data Grid: Select the data grid icon to redisplay the data in the grid format (default format).
Pie Chart: Select the pie chart icon to display a pie chart showing the correlated data. Move your cursor over the pieces in the pie chart to display the label and number of items that make up that piece of the pie.
Bar Graph: Select the bar graph icon to display a bar graph showing the correlated data. Move your cursor over the bars in the graph to display the label and number of items that make up that bar.

Preview search results

The criteria definition is in-line with the results which enables you to preview and modify the results without closing and opening multiple dialogs.

Click Search Properties to display the Search Properties tabs across the bottom of the page.
Modify the search criteria and then click Preview Changes from one of the Search Properties tabs.
Once you achieve the desired results, you can use Save or Save As on one of the Search Properties tabs to save the modifications made to the search criteria.

Compare results side-by-side

You can run two searches side-by-side simultaneously. When multiple pages are open, you can split the current screen to display two or more pages at the same time. For example, you can view multiple search results pages in the client allowing you to compare the results against each other.

New Horizontal Tab Group - to view two or more panes down the screen.
New Vertical Tab Group - to view two or more panes across the screen.
To move a page from one pane to another, right-click the heading tab of the page to be moved and select Move to Next Tab Group. This will move the selected page to the other pane displayed. To move this page back, right-click the heading tab and select Move to Previous Tab Group.
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