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Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 5.0.1 - Installation Guide


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Metalogix® Diagnostic Manager

Updated March 2020

Version  5.0



Welcome to Metalogix Diagnostic Manager

Metalogix Diagnostic Manager is a powerful and intuitive monitoring solution that primarily helps administrators ensure the health of their SharePoint environment and the performance of their SharePoint applications. It saves time and money by dramatically reducing administrative overhead for IT and ensuring SharePoint business user productivity.  Administrators can also use Metalogix Diagnostic Manager to monitor servers, client machines, and Web pages not associated with a SharePoint environment.

Metalogix Diagnostic Manager provides real time monitoring from a single console, enabling you to quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve performance and availability problems. It also provides critical information for capacity planning by storing historical performance data of all the monitored servers. It monitors in real time, providing a comprehensive set of metrics that enable administrators to quickly pinpoint performance and availability issues related to server performance, resource usage and poorly performing HTML controls, solutions and Web controls.

Key features include the following:

·Continuous, automated monitoring from a central console.

·Intuitive dashboard user interface for an "at-a-glance" view of SharePoint and server health.

·Page component level performance analysis.

·Summary and detail performance metrics.

·Automated alerting of poorly performing pages, controls and server performance issues.

·Repository of historical performance for trending and analysis.

·Comprehensive reporting.

·Centralized SharePoint Unified Logging System (ULS) logging for all SharePoint servers in the farm.


How does Metalogix Diagnostic Manager help me?

Metalogix Diagnostic Manager lets you monitor and analyze your Microsoft SharePoint farms, servers, ULS logs, and pages. The ways in which Metalogix Diagnostic Manager can facilitate a number of tasks is described in the following table.



Offers easy installation and use.

Installs quickly, enabling immediate performance access to any page. A typical installation takes less than 30 minutes. Additionally, the easy-to-use UI makes it very easy to identify all performance issues on a single page.

Solve SharePoint performance problems even when SharePoint is not available.

Because  Metalogix Diagnostic Manager runs outside of SharePoint, you have access to historical data, alerts issued, up to the minute performance information, and much more for all SharePoint servers in your farm.  Metalogix Diagnostic Manager helps eliminate the risk of spending hours trying to find out what might have caused your SharePoint environment to fail or perform badly.

Take control of your SharePoint health.

Continuously monitor, diagnose, discover, analyze and fix SharePoint performance and availability issues efficiently. Quickly understand why your SharePoint servers are not performing well or why pages are taking long to load.

Out-of-the-box monitoring.

Instant and automatic monitoring of all SharePoint farm servers without the need to develop any kind of script. Take advantage of built-in default options to start monitoring your SharePoint servers immediately.

Provides accurate and clean server-side performance metrics.

Understand the real impact of the server-side performance metrics without interference from browser type, location, operating systems and connection speed. Have control of how an application is behaving in its 'raw' state, and easily determine any application performance issues.

Quickly identifies worst performing page controls.

Immediately identify the worst performing HTML controls, solutions and Web controls by quickly analyzing their load time, size and type.

Collects component-level results.

Powerful collection of page control elements that clearly differentiates page loading, execution, or rendering of individual page elements. Quickly and easily identify what is impacting page performance, without guessing!

Provides true SharePoint-specific analysis.

Enables true visibility into SharePoint by exposing the inner workings of server controls, solutions, menus and other page elements. Using advanced methods,  Metalogix Diagnostic Manager allows clear analysis of all the Web page controls and parts before they are rendered into HTML and delivered to the user.

Quickly identifies any potential problems for any servers in the farm.

Provides notifications of any potential problems found in any of the SharePoint ULS logs for any of the servers in the SharePoint farm. (SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016)

Monitor the health of Office 365 tenants

Provides status information for Office 365 services (including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business) and their features.


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