After the initial configuration, the QoreStor menu will be displayed.

The table below details the configurations available for each menu item. The Administration , QoreStor Maintenance, and QoreStor Stats menu items provide access to additional sub-menues, and are documented separately in the topics linked to below.

NOTE: To navigate the menu, use the arrow keys to select an entry, then press [Enter]. To return to the menu, use the [Tab] key to select Ok or Back, then press [Enter].


Table 6:

QoreStor Menu options

Menu item Available configurations


  • Show time and date configuration
  • Configure system clock
  • Sync time to
  • Show hardware clock
  • Set hardware clock to system time
  • Change time zone

Login Info

Displays information about which accounts are currently logged into the QoreStor server, and the processes those accounts are using.

Network Info

Displays the current network configuration.

Routing Info

Displays the current routing table.

Storage Usage

Displays the current storage configuration for each filesystem, including:

  • size
  • used space
  • available space
  • used percentage
  • mount path

Storage Layout

Displays the layout per storage device, including:

  • Device name
  • Filesystem type
  • Mountpoint
  • UUID
  • Schedule
  • Model


Provides options to configure networking, storage, application and operating system configurations. Refer to the section QoreStor Administration

System Info

Displays information about the QoreStor system, including:

  • output of the QoreStor system --show command
  • Management user interface information and credentials
  • license information

QoreStor Stats

Provides access to QoreStor system statistics. Refer to QoreStor Statistics for more information.