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Security Explorer 9.9.2 - Whats New

Quest® Security Explorer® 9.9.2

Quest® Security Explorer® 9.9.2

Quest® Security Explorer® provides a single console for managing access controls, permissions and security across Microsoft® platforms that span multiple servers. The product provides a broad array of security enhancements including the ability to identify who has rights to resources across the entire organization. It also provides the ability to grant, revoke, clone, modify and overwrite permissions quickly and from a central location.

Unlike native tools, Security Explorer provides the ability to back up and restore permissions only, ensuring the integrity of data. To help meet auditing requirements, Security Explorer provides convenient reports that can be pulled on the fly. Lastly, the product's cleanup capabilities address common post-migration security issues.

This document highlights key features new in this release. For more information about these or any features, see the Security Explorer 9.9.2 Installation and User Guides.

General product enhancements

Search for permissions using SxpSearch.exe. Introduced a new command line program that allows you to search for permissions from the command line with the following arguments:
<module name>: Specifies a module.
<search definition file path>: Specifies an XML file that defines the search scope and criteria.
<report file name>: Specifies the path to save the search report and status file.
Schedule a permission export or search. You can now schedule a permission export or search, and choose to send the report automatically by email or to a specified shared folder.

Share Security enhancements

NTFS Security enhancements

Compare security. In the NTFS Security module, you can now select Security | Compare Security to compare permissions of two folders. The feature offers a side-by-side comparison view and uses color cues to highlight the differences.
Set auto-pause time for a scheduled backup. In the NTFS Security module, you can now configure a scheduled backup to automatically pause at a specified time. The paused backup will automatically resume when the task runs again.
/force allows you to clone protected objects
/ownership allows you to clone ownership of objects owned by source account
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