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Stat 6.3 - Install Notes

Installing Stat
Prepare for installation Unpack the 6.3.0 installer Install the Stat database Create a staging database (PeopleSoft Only) Install the Stat Client Configure the Stat database Update the System Maintenance table Install the Stat Central Agent Install the Stat Oracle Agent (Oracle E- Business Suite only) Configure the SYSTEM user account Update the PS Object Mover Instructions (PeopleSoft Only) Implement Stat


Locate the NMSSv630-3.sql script.
Replace [DATABASENAME] with the name of the database (the name used on the system that connects to the database).

Execute the scripts

Using SQL Query Analyzer or Toad® for MSS, load and execute the scripts in order.

Create a staging database (PeopleSoft Only)

Staging databases are used when migrating archive sets from your Stat® database to a PeopleSoft® database. A staging database is essentially a mini-PeopleSoft database with no application data and minimal tools data. Once created it should be maintained and tuned the same as other PeopleSoft databases in your environment.

Depending on the volume of objects moved or number of PeopleSoft tools versions you are supporting, you may decide to have multiple staging databases. This section describes how to create a staging database in Stat.

The staging database can either be a PeopleSoft demo (DEMO) or system (SYS) database. For detailed instructions on creating this database, please see your PeopleSoft Installation and Administration Guide. Financial databases in particular have a large number of tables used for sorting data. These tables can be dropped from the staging database.

Once you have created your AUD, Demo, or System database, execute the appropriate script.

If running on Oracle®, execute StageORA.sql.
If running on SQL Server®, execute StageMSS.sql.
If running on DB2® execute StageDB2-ZOS.sql (for mainframe), or StageDB2-UNIX.sql (for AIX®/UNIX®).

These scripts complete the creation of a staging database. It is recommended that you create at least two staging databases. You may need to alter this script to match your platform.

NOTE: Be aware of the following:
For each staging database you define in Stat, make sure the Reload Last Project at Startup option is deselected for that database in PeopleSoft App Designer. Stat may have difficulty auto-migrating objects from the staging database if this option is selected.

PeopleSoft on Oracle

Locate the StageORA.sql script in the scripts\Oracle\Staging folder.
[OWNER/PWD@DATABASENAME] Replace with the correct values for the PeopleSoft® schema owner/password and staging database.
[SPOOLPT] Replace with the directory for the session log.
[PTAPP] Replace with the tablespace for the staging table
[PSINDEX] Replace with the tablespace for the staging table indexes
Run the modified script via Sql*Plus or Toad® in the PeopleSoft staging database as the PeopleSoft schema owner
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