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SharePlex 10.1.1 - Installation and Setup for Oracle Source

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Solve installer problems

Is sp_cop shut down?

If you installed SharePlex on this system before, and you are re-installing it, the installation will return errors if SharePlex is running on this system. Shut down SharePlex using the shutdown command in sp_ctrl, or you can shut down the SharePlex service if this is a Windows system. If you are unable to run sp_ctrl, or if any SharePlex processes will not die, locate the process (using ps -ef | grep sp_ on Unix and Linux systems or the Taskmgr tab available from the SpUtils application provided for Windows systems) and kill it. When all SharePlex processes have been killed, run the installation program again.

Are all systems connected to the network?

Check to see that all systems on which you are loading SharePlex are connected to the network. The network node name and IP address of each system must be established sufficiently to allow SharePlex to perform TCP operations, even though the target machines themselves are not yet configured.

Note: These failures may appear to be license utility errors, but it is usually the inability of the license utilities and other components of SharePlex to perform initial TCP operations. Also check to make sure that nobody has renamed the /etc/resolv.conf file (if using a DNS nameserver).

Did you enter the SharePlex groups in the name service?

If your environment uses a name service such as NIS or NISPLUS, you need to add the SharePlex groups and services to the nameserver before you run the SharePlex installation program, and the SharePlex Administrator must be named in the SharePlex Admin group on the nameserver before you install SharePlex. Instructions are on page 31. If these procedures are not performed, the installation will generate an error at the point in which it attempts to verify that the groups exist.

Is the database open?

The database must be open while you are installing SharePlex.

Solve database setup problems

This section helps you diagnose problems that are associated with the SharePlex database account and connection information that was created with the Database Setup utility when SharePlex was installed on the system.

Note: For more information about Database Setup, see Database Setup Utilities in the SharePlex Reference Guide.

If the issue you are experiencing is not listed in this documentation, search the SharePlex Knowledge Base at:

The Knowledge Base provides filtering options and links to other resources that can help you use and troubleshoot SharePlex.

Oracle setup issues

Problem Description Solution
Incorrect ORACLE_SID and/or ORACLE_HOME If SharePlex cannot interact with Oracle, it might be using the wrong ORACLE_SID and/or ORACLE_HOME.
  1. See How to find the ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME to determine the Oracle values.

  2. Rerun the Database Setup utility. For more information, see Database Setup Utilities in the SharePlex Reference Guide.
Insufficient database privileges If the Database Setup utility fails, the person who runs it may not have the correct privileges

For more information, see Database Setup Utilities.

Asterisk as the ORACLE_SID entry Sometimes, the oratab file has an * (asterisk) symbol instead of a value for the ORACLE_SID. Ensure that a valid ORACLE_SID is in the oratab file, and then try running the database setup again.
More than one oratab file (Sun Solaris)

On Solaris systems, the oratab file is typically located in the /var/opt/oracle directory, but because other platforms store the oratab file in the /etc directory, there could be a second oratab in the /etc directory.

Either move, rename or delete the secondary oratab file, and then try running the database setup again.
Oracle not running

Oracle must be running and the instance must be open while you run the Database Setup utility. The utility accesses Oracle to establish SharePlex as a user and install its internal tables.

Start Oracle and open the instance.
sp_cop is running The SharePlex sp_cop process cannot be running while you are running the Database Setup utility. If it is running, shut it down using the shutdown command in sp_ctrl. Run sp_ctrl from the bin sub-directory in the SharePlex product directory.
Oracle library location not correct

On Unix and Linux systems, SharePlex expects the Oracle library to be in the $ORACLE_HOME/lib or $ORACLE_HOME/lib32 directory. In some environments, the Oracle library has a different name than what SharePlex expects it to be, or it is installed in a different location than expected (or both). In that case, you will see an error message when you attempt to run the Database Setup utility.

Install the appropriate library from Oracle and then re-start SharePlex (if it is stopped). SharePlex will link to the correct library from that point forward. sqlplus: fatal: can't open file: errno=2” error On Unix and Linux systems, this error indicates that SharePlex cannot find the libsunmath and libshareplex libraries, even though the link exists in the proper place.

You can use either of these solutions:

  • Create a softlink for $ORACLE_HOME/lib/ in the /usr/lib directory. or...
  • In the ECXpert/config/bdg.ini file in the [DB_ENV] section add the following line:

    LD_LIBRARYPATH=full oracle home path/lib

Wrong user-id

To run Database Setup on Unix and Linux systems, the set-user-id for the Oracle software need to be -rwsr-s--x. Those permissions allow non-Oracle users to log into SQL*Plus.

Set the correct values for set-user-id.

Solve database connection problems

Did you verify the credentials?

If SharePlex cannot connect to a source or target database, you can view the login credentials that are being used for that database by using the connection command with the show option. For example:

sp_ctrl> connection r.mydb show


sp_ctrl> connection o.mydb show


You can also view connection settings in the connections.yaml file, which is stored in the data sub-directory of the SharePlex variable-data directory. If there are no settings in this file, it means that the SharePlex database setup procedure was not performed on this database.

To view the correct database setup procedure for the database, see SharePlex utilities

You can use the connection command to update connection properties. For more information, see the SharePlex Reference Guide.

Did you assign a DBA role to the SharePlex Oracle user?

The SharePlex Oracle user requires a DBA role with unlimited privileges. The SharePlex user is created with the default Oracle profile under the assumption that the profile has the unlimited resource privileges assigned by Oracle as the default. If SharePlex is unable to interact with Oracle, check to see if the default was changed. If so, assign SharePlex a DBA role with unlimited privileges for all definitions.

Solve SharePlex startup problems

Was the user an authorized SharePlex user?

Only a member of the SharePlex administrator group (default name is spadmin) can start sp_cop. A root user that is not a member of this group can start sp_cop, but no users (including root) will be able to connect through sp_ctrl to issue commands. For more information, see Assign SharePlex users to security groups.

Is this a cluster environment?

In order for the SharePlex processes to issue name lookups and migrate properly in a clustered environment (where a package name supersedes the local system name), the SP_SYS_HOST_NAME parameter must be set to the correct package name. In addition, the host name set by this parameter must be the same on all members of the cluster so that the name can bind to a socket and the /etc/hosts file or nameserver can correctly map the parameter’s value to the correct IP address.

The sp_cop program should only be started through the cluster management software.

Was the filesystem mounted as nosuid?

On Unix and Linux systems, if the filesystem is mounted as nosuid, SharePlex must be started by the installation owner. In this case, members of the SharePlex administrator group (spadmin by default), other than the installation owner, will not be able to run SharePlex.

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