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On Demand Recovery Current - User Guide

Search by Date Range

Table 5: Query examples to search by date range

Time stamp Query example

Search for the backup created on September 18, 2017 Eastern Time (UTC-5) in the Select backups to unpack dialog

when:[2017-09-18T00:00:00-05 TO 2017-09-19T00:00:00-05]
All events after June 27 timestamp:[2017-06-27 TO *]
All events up to June 27 9:03:27 timestamp:[* TO 2017-06-28T09:03:27]
January 27-28 interval timestamp:[2017-01-27 TO 2017-01-28]
53 second interval on January 27 9:13 UTC timestamp:[2017-01-27T09:13:00Z TO 2017-01-27T09:13:53Z]
The same time interval as previous but with time zone specified timestamp:[2017-01-27T12:13:00+03 TO 2017-01-27T12:13:53+03]
1 – 3 weeks of 2017 year timestamp:[2017-W1 TO 2017-W3]

First 50 days of 2017 year

timestamp:[2017-001 TO 2017-050]

Using Query Strings

You can refine your search for the report data by using search expressions. To perform a keyword search in a specified column, you need to use the internal name of the column instead of the column display name. For example, <internal column name>:<search term or expression>. For a list of internal column names and string examples, see the tables below.

Table 6: Unpacked Objects screen

Column display name Column internal name To search for Query example
Name displayName An object by object name displayName:SamJones
Type objectType An object by object type objectType:user
Backup Date backupDate An object by the specified backup date/time backupDate:[2017-06-27]
Directory tenant An object by directory name tenant:demo365
Principal Name userPrincipalName An object by principal name
Mail mail An object by mail address
City city An object by city city:London
Department department An object by department department:Sales
Job Title jobTitle An object by job title jobTitle:manager
Description description An object using keywords in the object descriptions description:Sales
User Type userType An object by user type userType:new
Telephone Number telephoneNumber An object by telephone number telephoneNumber:44658

Table 7: Differences screen

Column display name Internal column name To search for Query example
Name objectName Changes related to a specified object name objectName:SamThomas*
Change changeType Objects by change type changeType:"Object hard deleted"
Object Type objectType Objects by object type objectType:User
Attribute changedAttribute Changes related to a specific attribute changedAttribute:link
Difference oldValue Search by old attribute value (value before the change)
Difference newValue Search by new attribute value (value after the change)
Backup time backupDate Search by the specified backup date/time backupDate:[2017-06-27]

Table 8: Events screen

Column display name Internal column name To search for Query example
Time timestamp Specified timestamp timestamp:NormanThomas*
Description message Keywords in event descriptions message:"Object attributes were restored"
Object Name Objects by an object name
Task Name Specified task"Restore objects"

Table 9: Tasks screen

Column display name Column internal name To search for Query example
Title name A task by task name name:"restore objects"
State status A task by task status status:completed
Type type A task by task type type:restore
Modified modified A task by the date when the task was modified modified:[2017-06-26]
Created created A task by the date when the task was created created:[2017-06-27]
Operation lastResultDescription Keywords in the operation description lastResultDescription:unpack*

How does On Demand Recovery Handle Object Attributes?

Note: On Demand Recovery does not support the restore of objects in restricted management administrative units.

Attributes Restored by On Demand Recovery

For a full list of attributes restored by On Demand Recovery, visit the On Demand Recovery Supported Attributes guide.

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