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NetVault Plug-in for SharePoint 11.3 - User Guide

Introducing NetVault Backup Plug-in for SharePoint Deploying, installing, and removing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Backing up data Restoring data
Understanding the SharePoint restore process Restoring backups in SharePoint Restoring a single Full Backup,a Full + Differential sequence, or an Individual Site Collection Backup Using other restore procedures
Common tasks Restoring to the same server or farm Restoring to an alternate server or farm
Extra items to protect using NetVault Backup and the Plug-in for FileSystem Troubleshooting

Additional information

NetVault Backup 10.x service (netvault-pgsql) does not start on Windows.

Check the Windows Event Viewer for the following message: PDT FATAL: lock file “” already exists.

NetVault Backup 10.x uses a PostgreSQL database. If the PostgreSQL database does not start, NetVault Backup cannot start. To correct this issue, delete the “” file from the location referenced in the log and restart the NetVault Backup Server. For more information, see

The Log on As account for the NetVault Process Manager was changed from the default account to one of the following:

Subsequently, backup or restore jobs are failing because of authentication issues.

The local or domain user account specified for the Log on As account for the NetVault Process Manager must have the Replace a process level token policy in the Local Security Setting Administrative tool. After this right has been granted, restart the NetVault Process Manager.

Icons on the NetVault Backup Selections page are displaying as question marks (?).

Restart the NetVault Process Manager on both the NetVault Backup Administrator Workstation where the NetVault Backup WebUI is running and the server where the plug-in is running. If the problem persists, copy the contents of the …\NetVault Backup\gui\CachedPits on the server where the plug-in is running to the same directory on the NetVault Backup Administrator Workstation where the NetVault Backup WebUI is running.

When browsing the NetVault Backup Selections page, the following error is received: “Unable to browse SharePoint. Ensure that the SharePoint services are running and the user account provided has the correct privileges.”

Verify that the SharePoint SQL Server Instance is started, the user name specified in the Windows Authentication Details section of the Configure dialog box matches the requirements defined in Deploying the plug-in, and that the SharePoint Administration service in the Windows Control Panel is started; for more information about the service names, see SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 terminology. To obtain additional information, enable NetVault Backup Tracing; for more information, see Enabling NetVault Backup Tracing.

Failed to find previous full backup index for set.

This issue usually happens when you perform a Differential Backup and a Backup Selection set was not used to perform a Full Backup.

Backup job stops responding at 50% of Shared Search Index.

This issue is a known SharePoint 2007 bug that is resolved by installing SharePoint 2007 SP1, which is available at:

Restore job fails with the error message “Error Changing User.”

If the password for the Windows Administrator User Name specified in the Configure dialog box has changed since the last backup or restore job, update the Configure dialog box with the new password and submit the restore job again.

Restore job stops responding at “Progress: [Shared Search Index] 90 percent complete.”

When performing a disaster recovery for a Single Server deployment and the default Shared Services in the newly installed deployment are not deleted before running the restore job, the restore job stops responding. Ensure that the prerequisites are met for a Single Server deployment before performing the restore. For more information, see Performing a disaster recovery of a Single Server deployment to the same server.

Restore job fails with “Directory lookup for the file “<directory\filename>” failed with the operating system error 3 (The system cannot find the path specified.)”

The SQL Server Express Data directory does not exist on the newly installed SharePoint deployment in a restore to Alternate Server. Re-create the directory structure referenced in the error message and -submit the restore job again.

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