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NetVault Plug-in for Exchange 12.0 - User Guide

Introducing NetVault Backup Plug-in for Exchange Defining an Exchange data protection strategy Planning your Exchange Server deployment Installing and removing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Backing up data Restoring data Troubleshooting

Configuring a NetVault Backup Server or Client

On the Configuration page, click Server Settings or Client Settings, whichever is applicable.
Under System and Security, click General.
In the Language Selection list, select the applicable language, and then click Apply.

Enabling and using Deleted Item Recovery features

Quest recommends that you enable the Deleted Item Recovery functionality in Exchange to reduce the requirement to perform recovery for individual messages or mailboxes. This feature enables the recovery of recently deleted items by saving messages for a predetermined number of days.

Enabling Deleted Item Recovery in Exchange 2007

Open the Exchange Management Console or Exchange System Manager.
In the console tree, expand Microsoft Exchange, expand Server Configuration, and then select Mailbox Store.
Select the Limits tab.
In the Deletion settings area, enter the number of days to retain deleted items in the Keep deleted item for (days) field.

Complete instructions for this procedure can be found in the relevant Microsoft Exchange documentation. In addition, you can consult the Configuring Deleted Mailbox and Deleted Item Retention article at:

Enabling Deleted Item Recovery in Exchange 2010 and later

Open the Exchange Management Shell.
Set‑Mailbox ‑Identity <MailboxServer> ‑SingleItemRecoveryEnabled
For <MailboxServer>, you can use the ADObjectID, alias, distinguished name (DN), domain\account, GUID, LegacyExchangeDN, SMTPAddress, or user principal name (UPN). For the length of time, dd = days, hh = hours, mm = minutes, and ss = seconds.
Set-Mailbox ‑Identity <MailboxServer> ‑RecoverableItemsQuota <Limit>
For <Limit>, enter the maximum amount of space, for example, 15 GB, that can be used before more items cannot be stored in the Recovery Items Folder.
Set-MailboxDatabase ‑Identity <MailboxServer> ‑RecoverableItemsQuota <Limit>

Instructions for these procedures can be found in the relevant Microsoft Exchange documentation:

In addition, see Understanding Recoverable Items at:

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