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NetVault Plug-in for DB2 11.4.5 - User Guide

Enabling Archive Logging for the database

The Circular Logging method, which is the default logging behavior for any new DB2 database, only supports Full, Offline Backups. To perform Online Backups, a database must be configured for Archive Logging. With this type of logging, the log files are retained and made available for roll-forward recovery. To enable Archive Logging, you can set either the LOGRETAIN, available only with DB2 9.1 and earlier, or the LOGARCHMETH1, available only with DB2 9.5 and later, configuration parameter.

Start a terminal session on the DB2 Server, and navigate to the “…\SQLLIB\BIN” directory, where “…” indicates the installation path of DB2.
update db cfg for <databaseName> using logretain ON
update db cfg for <databaseName> using logarchmeth1 LOGRETAIN
update db cfg for <databaseName> using logarchmeth1 DISK:<completePath>

Enabling the TRACKMOD parameter

The TRACKMOD configuration parameter enables tracking and recording of the database page updates. Set this parameter to YES to allow Incremental and Delta Backups. For system-managed space (SMS) and database-managed space (DMS) tablespaces, the granularity of tracking is at the tablespace level. A flag indicates whether a tablespace contains any pages that must be included in an Incremental or a Delta Backup. If there are no pages, then the backup operation can skip that tablespace.

Start a terminal session on the DB2 Server, and navigate to the “…\SQLLIB\BIN” directory, where “…” indicates the DB2 installation path.
update db cfg for <databaseName> using trackmod ON

Additional notes

To prevent users from accidentally dropping a table, you can add the Restrict on Add attribute as shown in the following examples:
create table <tableName> (<tableSpecificInformation>) in
<userSpace> with restrict on drop
alter table <tableName> add restrict on drop
To remove the Restrict on Add, you can use the following command:
alter table <tableName> drop restrict on drop

Backing up data

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