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Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 - User Guide

Section 1. Introduction Section 2. Pre-migration Activities Section 3. User Provisioning Section 4. Email Repliability Section 5. Migrating Mail Files Section 6. Rooms and Resources Database Migration Section 7. Mail-in Database Migration Section 8. Setting Migration Status Section 9. Access and Delegation Migration Section 10. All Accounts Section 11. Customer Status Reports Section 12. Logs About us Technical support resources Appendix A: Staging Replicas Appendix B: Pre-Migration Troubleshooting Appendix C: Work with Files (Import/Export) Appendix D: Item Processing Results Appendix E: Migration Result Statuses Appendix F: Recovery Process Appendix G: Automatic Migration Restart Appendix H: Folder Processing Order

Appendix C: Work with Files (Import/Export)

Migrator for Notes allows users to set specific field data through an Excel import and for export view data to Excel or comma separated text files (csv).

These options can be access through the Notes Action menu under the 1. Work with Files drop down menu:

Import any field value from Excel

An Excel spreadsheet can be configured with specific column Headers to represent Notes field items on account entries in the Migrator for Notes application. When imported, the field values on the account documents will be updated in the Migrator for Notes application with the relevant data in the Excel spreadsheet.


This process does not import accounts into the Migrator for Notes application, it is only intended to update field values on previously imported accounts.

The Excel spreadsheet should have the first column configured with either the Internet Address or the Short Name to locate the account entries that need to be updated. The import process is the same as the Import Selected Users From Excel option.

Any Notes data field can be updated through the Excel import and will overwrite existing Notes field data.



Export Current View to Excel

Data on any view within Migrator for Notes can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Once a view is selected, all data in the Data Pane, along with their corresponding column headers, can be exported.

Export Selected Docs to CSV

The selected account data on any view within Migrator for Notes can be exported to a text file. Once entries in the Data Pane are selected, all data, along with their corresponding column headers, can be exported to a .csv file.


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