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Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 - Release Notes

Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 Release Notes

Binary Tree® Migrator for Notes 20.14.2

Release Notes

November 2023

These release notes provide information about the Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 release.


About this release

Migrator for Notes is the most comprehensive software available for migrating from HCL Domino to Microsoft Exchange.

Migrator for Notes not only supports migrations to on-premises Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, but also to online versions of Microsoft Outlook and Hosted Exchange, including Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365).

Migrator for Notes, part of Quest’s suite of migration solutions that includes Directory Sync Pro for Notes and Integration for Notes offers unmatched data fidelity, migration management, and migration throughput.

Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality and a resolved issue.

Note: The 20.14 release adds support for Microsoft Graph when using a Microsoft 365 deployment and will require additional steps for upgrade from previous versions. See the Installation and Configuration Guide for details in the Upgrading a Migration Farm section.


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this release.

Table 1. General enhancements


Issue ID

Support for Graph 2.2 version.


Support for StdR11Mail and StdR12Mail templates for Archive Migration.


Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 2. General resolved issues

Resolved issue

Issue ID

Resolved Incorrect Summary action after clicking on "Send Encrypted Summary Email to Selected User(s)." after successful decryption.


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