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GPOADmin 5.16 - User Guide

Introducing Quest GPOADmin Configuring GPOADmin Using GPOADmin
Connecting to the Version Control system Navigating the GPOADmin console Search folders Accessing the GPMC extension Configuring user preferences Working with the live environment Working with controlled objects (version control root) Checking compliance Editing objects Synchronizing GPOs Exporting and importing
Creating Reports Appendix: Windows PowerShell Commands Appendix: GPOADmin Event Log Appendix: GPOADmin Backup and Recovery Procedures Appendix: Customizing your workflow Appendix: GPOADmin Silent Installation Commands Appendix: Configuring Gmail for Notifications Appendix: Registering GPOADmin for Office 365 Exchange Online Appendix: GPOADmin with SQL Replication About Us

Add Protected Settings

You can add the Protected Settings policy to a container. This command requires the "Modify Protected Settings Assignments" . First you need to have a Protected Setting object configured with the setting you want to check against, then set up the assignment information, and apply it to a container.

Add-ProtectedSettingsPolicies [-Container] <VersionControlContainerData> [-ProtectedSettingsPolicies] <ProtectedSettingsPolicyAssignment> [-PipelineVariable <String>] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm]

$PSP = Get-ProtectedSettingsPolicies | ? {$_.Name -eq "PROT_01"}

$assignment = New-ProtectedSettingsPolicyAssignment -ProtectedSettingsPolicy $PSP -ValidationRule Value

get-item .\locations | Add-ProtectedSettingsPolicies -ProtectedSettingsPolicies $assignment

Adds the "PROT_01" Protected Settings object to the container "Locations" with a Validation Rule of "Value".


Appendix: GPOADmin Event Log

What is the GPOADmin event log?

You can configure GPOADmin’s event notification system to notify you of actions such as register, check in and check out. You can find details on configuring the event notification system in the section titled Selecting events on which to be notified.

The GPOADmin event log can be searched and filtered.

See also Event ID types.

Interpreting the GPOADmin event log

GPOADmin logs events in the following format:

Table 20. Log Format


The event severity levels are:


Indicates the GPOADmin application or associated GPOADmin service generating the event:

Event ID

A code you can use to look up the type of event. See Event ID types for a list of event IDs.

Task Category

Provides additional information about the event ID.


Provides detailed information about the event. It may include an object’s name, the action performed on the object (such as check in or deployed) and by whom, as well as any other information relating to the event.

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