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GPOADmin 5.16 - Release Notes

Quest® GPOADmin® 5.16

Quest® GPOADmin® 5.16

About this release

GPOADmin gives organizations control of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) across the enterprise. Built to augment the Microsoft GPMC, GPOADmin provides comprehensive GPO management with additional features such as offline editing, reporting, archival and restoration, version control, test framework, change notification and approval, and quick rollback in the event that an object change has unexpected results.

New features

As a result of ongoing research and development, and in response to customer feedback, the following enhancements have been made in this release of Quest GPOADmin:

Custom profiles for the Android device administrator platform.

Resolved issues

The following is a list of resolved issues in this release.

Unregister And Remove History option available for locked GPOs in GPMC Extension.


Exchange and Gmail use the wrong “From” address if SMTP options are set.


Powershell documentation requires updates to URI form for synchronization targets.


When using AD LDS, Access Denied error is received by non-administrators when deploying a GPO with approvals disabled.


Importing OUs takes a long time in an environment with many OUs.


All versions of a registered object with valid backups are not displayed when selecting a difference report through the right-click method.


MMC snapin closes unexpectedly when closing GPOADmin on a remote computer using a non-administrator user.


Protected settings are not validating for users who do not have Read access on Protected Settings root.


Ability to add duplicate change window entries in the modficationSchedule table in SQL causes GPOAdmin to close unexpectedly when registering an object.


Unable to open gpreport.html files in Chrome/Edge if extracted from a GPOADmin backup.


GPOs with ( ) in the name cannot be moved in PowerShell using Move-Item when using an SQL configuration store.


Lookups for the GPOADmin server SID does not function properly.


GPOs in the Lost and Found container do not appear in the live environment.


GPOs in an approval workflow cause an Index out of Bound error if they are moved to the Lost and Found container during the process.


Configuration Migration may fail when migrating containers.


Merge fails and generates the following error: "The process cannot access the file '<PATH>\registry.pol' because it is being used by another process."


Merge fails and generates the following error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"


GPODiffConfig updated to handle "Windows Firewall: ICMP4" values .


Difference Report displays the wrong preference registry settings with collections.


Unable to see registered GPOs when trying to link GPOs.


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