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Foglight Resource Optimizer 6.0.0 - User Guide (for Hyper-V Environments)


Recommendations for improvements in resource utilization can be implemented automatically, or scheduled for implementation at a particular time in the future (for example, within a maintenance window).

Use the Automate menu to set the criteria for automatically sending recommendations for improvements. The Create Automate For <Environment Name> dialog box allows you to configure the following settings:

Implement the <Resource> recommendations for <Environment Name>. Select the check boxes (where available) for the recommendations that should be implemented automatically.
Choose the recommendation schedule that should be run automatically. Click New to add a new schedule to the list of schedules.

All the executable recommendations for improvements in resource utilization from the selected tab can be implemented automatically. When you click Automate, these recommendations are scheduled for implementation at a particular time in the future, and the scheduled recommendations appear in the Scheduled Actions dialog.

Reclaiming Savings bar

The Optimizer analyzes actual utilization and performance metrics to properly size virtual machine allocations and reclaim unused resources. System administrator can select a VM from the list and review the Reclaiming Savings bar for information about how many resources can be reclaimed.

The Reclaim Now and Reclaim Later buttons and the Exclude link are enabled only after selecting a virtual machine from the table.

Reclaiming resources

Click Reclaim Now.
Click Confirm to confirm the operation.
Click Reclaim Later.
The Reclaim Later - Schedule dialog box opens.
Click Confirm.

Excluding objects

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