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Foglight for DB2 (Cartridge) 7.1.0 - User Guide

Introduction to Foglight for DB2 LUW Using Reference
Dashboards and Views Collections and Metrics
CF Locks Collection CF Memory Pools Collection CF Resource Usage Collection Current Agents Details Collection Agents Summary Collection Current Locks Wait Collection Database Bufferpools Summary PS Collection Database Configuration Collection Database Tablespaces Collection Database Tablespaces Summary Collection Database Usability Collection Database Parameters Collection Database Instance Parameters Collection Database Instance Registry Variables Collection Database Tablespaces BP Collection FCM Activity Collection FS DB Storage Collection FS DB Storage Summary Collection FS Instance Storage Collection FS Storage Collection FS Storage Summary Collection General Activity Collection HADR Activity Collection Host Properties Collection OS General Collection Instance Activity Collection Instance General Collection Instance Nodes Collection Instance Usability Collection IO Activity Collection License Details Collection Log Activity Collection Log File Collection Log Message Collection Messages Count Collection Monitor Switches Collection OS DB2 General Process Collection Partition Tablespaces Summary Collection Partition Usability Collection pureScale Alerts Collection Top SQLs Collection Query Agents Details Collection Database Partition Activity Collection DB2 Partition Subcategories Wait Collection History Locks Wait Collection History Locks Summary Collection Instance Memory Collection Instance Memory Pool Collection Instance Memory Summary Collection Instance Memory Total Collection Database Memory Collection Database Memory Pool Collection Database Memory Pool DB Collection Database Memory Summary Collection Database Memory Total Collection Database Buffer Pools Collection Database Tables Collection Database Partition Backup Collection Database Tables Global Collection Database Applications Collection

Member Overview Homepage

The Member Overview Homepage provides metrics on the state of the member over the course of the selected time range. Popups provide graphs that show you how the member is performing and whether or not there are any critical areas that need to be addressed.

For more information, see Member Overview home page.

Member (Real Time) Homepage

The Member (Real Time) Homepage provides metrics on the present state of the selected member. It allows you to view how the member is performing and any performance or bottleneck issues affecting the member. Popups provide additional information and graphs.

For more information, see Member (Real Time) home page.

Reporting on Your DB2 Environment

Foglight for DB2 LUW allows you to generate reports about various aspects of the performance of the selected database instance. This section provides instructions for generating reports and a brief description of each report.

Foglight for DB2 LUW comes with a set of pre-defined reports. Operators can run those reports, build custom reports, and view generated reports. Advanced Operators can also schedule and manage reports.

To access the Reports dashboard, from the Foglight navigation pane, select Dashboards > Reports. From the Reports dashboard, click the links provided as described below:

Click Build a Custom Report to choose the building blocks for your custom report using the Create Report wizard.
Click Run a Report to select and generate or schedule a report using the Run Report wizard.
Click Manage Reports to access the Manage Reports dashboard, where you can download, delete and view details about generated reports.
NOTE: You can also access the reports features using the Reports menu at the top right of any dashboard or on the General tab of the Action panel to the right of any dashboard. Select the Create a new report option to launch the Create Report wizard and define the components to be used to build a new report.

For more information on using the Foglight reporting features, see the Foglight User Guide or online help.

About the Foglight for DB2 LUW Reports

About the Foglight for DB2 LUW Reports

Foglight for DB2 LUW comes with a set of pre-defined report templates, which provide an analysis of the performance and health of your DB2 LUW environment over time.

Each report template uses report parameters to define the content of the report. Use a template’s default report parameters to quickly generate or schedule a report, or optionally change the report parameters to customize the report to better meet your requirements.

The following Foglight for DB2 LUW reports are available:

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