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ControlPoint 8.9 - Evaluation Guide

Duplicating a User’s Permissions and Backing Up Permissions

In this scenario, we will duplicate the permissions of a selected user to another user. This operation is useful if, for example, a user has left the company and you want to transfer that user’s permissions to his/her replacement. We will perform this operation on two sites with unique permissions.  As part of the operation, we will back up existing permissions so that we can restore them to their original state.

To Duplicate a User’s Permissions:

1.In the SharePoint Hierarchy, select a site with unique permissions (identified by the Unique site icon icon) , then hold down the CTRL key to select an additional site.

Evaluation Guide MultiSelect

2.Right-click on either site and choose Users and Security > Duplicate User Permissions.

Evaluation Guide Duplicate User Menu Item

3.We will save our selection—so that we can quickly retrieve it when it comes time to restore permissions—as follows:

a)Click the Selection tab.

b)Click the Save Selection link to display the Download File tab.

Evaluation Guide DUP PERMISSIONS

c)Click [Download] then save the file to your desktop.

Eval Save Selection 2

4.Click the Parameters tab.

5.To select the user whose permissions you want to duplicate:

a)In the Model User Name field, enter a full user account name (for example, domain\username or service provider:username):

b)Click the Check Names icon (Check Names icon) or press [Ctrl] k to validate the user name.

c)If you want to review the permissions that the model user has for the selected scope, click the View Permissions link to generate a real-time Site Permissions analysis.

6Check the Backup site permissions before operation box.

Evaluation Guide BACKUP PERMS

This option will enable you to restore the permissions to what they were before the operation.

7For Duplicate Permissions to, enter the name of each target users using the method described in Step 2.

Eval Target User

8Click [Run Now].

The progress of the operation is recorded at the top of the workspace.  When completed, a ControlPoint Task Audit, which details the operation, is generated.  (You can also review Task Audits for past operations via the Manage ControlPoint > ControlPoint Task Audit menu option.)

Evaluation Guide TASK AUDIT

(At this point, if you want to verify that the permissions have been added, you can run a real-time Site Permissions analysis for just the target users.)

In this scenario you:

üInitiated a ControlPoint operation for multiple objects.

üSaved a selection for reuse.

üPerformed an action on specific users.

üBacked up site permissions.

üGenerated a ControlPoint Task Audit

Restoring Site Permissions

In this scenario, we will restore permissions from the backups we created before running the Duplicate User Permissions operation.

To restore site permissions:

1.From the

2.Select any object within the SharePoint Hierarchy and choose Users and Security > Manage Permissions Backups.

Evaluation Guide RESTORE PERMS

3.Retrieve the saved selection we used for the Duplicate User Permissions operation as follows:

a)Click the Selection tab.

b)Click the Upload Saved Selection link.


c)Click [Browse] and retrieve the file from your desktop.


d)Check the Replace Existing Selection box.

e)Click [Upload].

Evaluation Guide UPLOAD SELECTION 2

f)Click [Apply].

4Return to the Parameters tab.

5Click [Refresh Display].

Note that a separate backup was created for each individual site within the selected scope.

6To restore permissions for all sites, click [Select All] then [Restore from selected backup].


In this scenario you:

üReused a saved selection.

üRestored permissions from a backup.

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