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Content Matrix 9.9 - Public Folder Edition

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Create SharePoint Folder

You can create a new SharePoint list via Content Matrix under an existing list or library (or within an existing folder) as long as the connection type is not read-only..  If folder creation is not valid for the connection type, the option will be disabled.

To create a new SharePoint folder:

1.Navigate to the SharePoint Document Library, List, or Document Folder under which the new folder should be created.

2.Right-click and choose Create Folder.

Create Folder Menu Option

3.Complete the Create Folder dialog.  

Note that the Folder Type drop down allows you to select the content type with which to create the folder. if only one content type exists on that list/library/folder, the option will be grayed out. There is also a check-box option to overwrite any existing folder that uses the same folder name at the level the folder is being added.

Create Folder dialog

4.After completing the dialog, click [OK].

The new folder now displays in Explorer View.

Deleting SharePoint Objects

You can delete one or more SharePoint objects via Content Matrix as long as the connection type is not read-only. SharePoint objects that can be deleted via Content Matrix are:

·SharePoint Sites

·SharePoint Lists

·SharePoint Document Folders

·SharePoint Documents

·SharePoint List Items

If the action is not valid for the connection type, it will be disabled.

NOTE:  Document versions and list item versions cannot be deleted via Content Matrix.

To delete one or more SharePoint Objects:

WARNING: When this action is used at the site level or below, the object will be deleted permanently (i.e., it will not be sent to the Recycle Bin).  However, a pop-up dialog will display that allows you to cancel the action.

1.Select the SharePoint object(s) to be deleted.

NOTE:  Depending on the type of object, this may be in the Explorer View or in the Items View.


§Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

§Right-click on the object and choose Delete [Object].

Delete List Menu Option

You will be prompted to confirm the action before continuing.

Initiating a Migration

From the Content Matrix Explorer View, you can "copy" an object from the source connection then "paste" it to the appropriate location on the target connection.  You will then be prompted to configure Copy Options.


You can migrate one or more Exchange folders or individual Exchange items, or migrate Exchange emails directly into a SharePoint Online document library.

Migrating Exchange Folders

You can use Content Matrix to migrate Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint. You can migrate entire public folder hierarchies or all items within folders and subfolders.

Some restrictions apply when migrating, Exchange content to SharePoint.  For example, calendar items can only be migrated to SharePoint calendars, etc.

To initiate an Exchange Folder migration:

1.In  Explorer View, select the Exchange folder(s) you want to migrate.

NOTE:  Multi-selection is possible as long as you select nodes at the same level.

2.Right-click and choose Copy Exchange Folder.

3.Select the SharePoint node(s) to which you want to paste the content.

NOTE: You can migrate to multiple SharePoint target locations. Right-click the target node and select the option. In case you do not want to create a new SharePoint container, you can migrate all items from an MS Exchange Public Folder to an already existing SharePoint list or folder, by selecting the  option.

4.Select the appropriate Paste option.  Use the information in the following table for guidance.

If ...

Right-click and choose ...

you want Content Matrix to create a new target SharePoint container as part of the migration

Paste Exchange Folder To List.

you want to migrate the Exchange Folder(s) to an existing SharePoint list or folder

Paste All Exchange Folder Items.

NOTE:  This action will migrate all items inside the source folder and all of its subfolders.

Continue with Configuring Copying Options

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