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Content Matrix 9.9 - Performance Optimization Guide

Optimizing Concurrent Jobs

To ensure data integrity, it is important to enforce the following rules when running concurrent jobs:

·Multiple jobs should never migrate data into the same list simultaneously

·Multiple jobs should take care to avoid migrating from the same source data simultaneously

Batched Jobs

Jobs can be batched into groups, and then run. There are two primary ways of batching data into runnable jobs.

·Multi-selecting same-type nodes (sites can only be multi selected with other sites, lists with other lists, etc.)


·Multi-selecting previously configured (or run) jobs


When batching data using either method, migration of nodes within the batch will be run sequentially. This means that if two sites are selected, they will be migrated in order. Similarly, selecting and running multiple jobs will run those jobs from top to bottom.

Batched jobs can be run concurrently with other batched jobs. Previously defined settings on multithreading and concurrent jobs also apply to all jobs run in a batch.



Content Matrix has the ability to run jobs within the context of PowerShell. Running jobs in this way provides some notable advantages:

·Resource consumption is minimized (no requirements to render or cache the UI).

·Separate job lists can be used for each distinct job (job lists are the storage medium for jobs.

Configuring PowerShell

To take advantage of PowerShell functionality in Content Matrix, simply configure a job via the UI in the normal fashion, and click the [Save] button at the bottom of the configuration dialog.

This will create a configuration entry for the job in the job listing that can be used to generate a PowerShell script. To generate a script, highlight the desired job and click the Generate PowerShell Script button at the top of the job listing, or right click and choose Generate PowerShell.


This will create a script of the configured job that can be copied and pasted into an existing script, or saved or run as desired.

NOTE:  It is more efficient to pre-configure jobs in the UI instead of trying to write them initially in PowerShell. This will allow configuration of desired job functionality without having to learn all of the PowerShell parameters for the Content Matrix actions.

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