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Content Matrix 9.9 - Evaluation Guide

Creating Sites, Lists, Libraries and Folder Destinations

These scenarios describe how Content Matrix can be used to create new sites, lists, libraries and folders on specified destinations.

In order to run through the following scenarios, you will need to go into the Settings tab, and select Enable Advanced Mode. This will give you advanced right click options, which will allow you to create sites, lists, libraries, and folders through the Content Matrix Console.

Creating in CM

Creating a Site

To create a site:

1.In the Explorer View, select a website node.

2.Right-click and choose Create Site.

Creating a Site1

3.Enter your preferred Site Title, Site URL Name, and Description. Note down the name and URL of the site you created for later scenarios.

4.Select your preferred site Template.

Creating a Site 2

5.Click [OK].

Site Creation Confirmation

To confirm creation of the site:

Check whether the site has been created in Explorer View by clicking the ‘+’ for the node where you created a site, this will expand the node.


You can also confirm the site’s creation by opening the site in a browser.  Either:

·Select the site you created in the tree view and click on the link found above the tree view titled Location to view the site in a browser window.



·Select the site you created in the tree view and choose the Browser View tab.


In this scenario you:

üCreated a site using Content Matrix Console.

Creating a Document Library

To create a Document Library:

1.In the Explorer view, right click on a site node and choose Create List.

2.Creating a Document Library 1

2.Enter your preferred List title, list name and description.

3.Select Document Library as your type.

4.Select whether you want your Document library to appear on the quick launch bar and whether you want it to create versions and require approval.

3.Creating a Document Library 2

5.Click [OK].

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