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Customers under current support maintenance contract can download their relevant installation below


Date Download
Statistica 13.2 Update 1 - 64 bit (English)3/24/2017
Statistica 13.2 Update 1 - 32 bit (English)3/24/2017


Date Download
Statistica 13.2.1 Upgrade Installer 64-bit (English)3/8/2017
Statistica 13.2.1 Upgrade Installer 32-bit (English)3/8/2017
Statistica 13.2.1 Full Installation (English)3/8/2017
Statistica 13.2 Visualization Server Full 64-bit (English)10/5/2016
Statistica 13.2 Visualization Server Full 32-bit (English)10/5/2016
Statistica 13.2 Document Management System