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Quadrotech Nova Current - User Guide

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Deleting a Virtual Organizational Unit

When deleting a virtual organizational unit containing users, those users can be moved to another vOU. Here is how to do it:

1.In the left menu, select Manage Administration > Tenants.

2.Expand organizational units until you find the one you want to delete.

3.Click the desired organizational unit is ellipses button (...) and select Delete.

4.In the left frame, find and select the vOU to which you will move any users from the deleted vOU, and then click OK to apply the changes.

Here is a video showing the steps above.

User assignment rule

When creating a virtual organizational unit, as well as giving the vOU a name, you can enter a User Assignment Rule.  With this feature users will be automatically moved to this virtual organizational unit, based on the rule that you specify. Below are the steps to do that:


1.Go to your vOU and click on the ellipses button, then click Edit.

2.Under User assignment rule, click Add, then Group.

3.Click the + icon, then Property.

4.Click Choose property, then from the drop down menu, click Country.

5.For Choose operator, click Equals, then type United Kingdom into the text field.

6.Click the + icon again, and select Property.

7.Click Choose property, then from the drop down menu, click Department.

8.For Choose operator, select Equals, then type Sales in the text field.

9.Click Save.

Users with these attributes already assigned will now be automatically assigned to this vOU.

Another example is creating a vOU for the marketing department assigned in the United States or Canada. Applying the steps above in this scenario, the rule should look like the image below:


Group assignment rule

As a Nova administrator, you have the ability to automatically assign group management delegation based on properties of the group or group owner. This allows you to delegate responsibilities to localized IT support without granting them excessive access to your tenant(s).


To automate group management delegation:

1.From the Nova dashboard, go to Manage Administration, then Tenants.

2.Click on the ellipsis next to your desired tenant, and click New.

3.Click Add under Group Assignment Rule.


From here, provide your required group and/or properties, then save your organizational unit with this group assignment rule. View the image below for an example.


You can enable or disable OU rules for each user by selecting the user from your chosen tenant, then selecting Evaluate OU Rules, then either enabling or disabling these rules.

Authorization policies

The Delegation and Policy Control (DPC) feature allows administrators to authorize rights and responsibilities to other users within their organization.

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