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Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 - Release Notes

Previous Updates

Version 20.14.1

Table 3. General enhancements


Issue ID

Applying Archive Migrator for Notes .dlv licenses to the XML server is now supported.



Version 20.14

Table 4. General enhancements


Issue ID

The “AUTO_CLOSE” SQL database setting is now set to “FALSE”.


The mail12.ntf template has been added to the Settings, Database Templates for Rooms and Resource lookup.


Support for Domino/Notes 12. (77806)


The option to enter a Binary Tree License key has been removed.


PowerShell scripts updated to remove AzureAD module and use Microsoft Graph for Microsoft 365 deployments. This must be configured to use Modern Authentication for access to the target tenant.


The warning for MAPI Object Changes now appears as an informational item in the migration log.


Support for PowerShell ExchangeOnlineManagement V3 module.


Table 5. General resolved issues

Resolved Issue

Issue ID

The Import Rooms & Resources setting does not accept a Custom View.


License information not displayed when clicking the View License History button after upgrading from 20.12.x.


When running migrations on the controller and the worker is using BASIC AUTH, the credentials are not being passed from the settings. The default local worker has been removed from the controller installation and will now require directly installing a worker.


Error occurs when attempting to send the Migration Message - Combined template from the Notifications.


Application ID settings are now available in the Delegation settings when migrationing to Office 365. These settings must be configured if you will be using Modern Authentication for access to the target tenant for delegation migrations.


Known limitations

Most of the known limitations and issues of any migration process are due to feature inconsistencies between the source and target environments. Features that are available in the Notes environment cannot be migrated to a target environment that does not offer the same or comparable features. Other limitations are due to feature incompatibilities where similar features are available in both the source and target environments, but their implementations are so different that migration is impractical.

While every effort is made to determine the specific limitations of a migration process, so that these are available for planning, communications and support, it is possible that there may be unknown limitations. These can occur in particular with changes to source or target system versions and in the case of email migrations for any data generated by third party system changes. Where previously unknown limitations in the data migration are found these would be reviewed to determine if the item can be resolved and migrated but it should be noted that these may result in a new known limitation.

The following is a list of known limitations or issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of this release.

Table 6. AWD\Configuration known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

The Store Password feature does not validate the password and will allow you to store an incorrect password without prompting for a valid password when "Get Server List" is clicked.


Table 7. AWD\Migration Workstation known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

If more than one instance of HCL Notes or Migrator for Notes is installed on a migration workstation, you will be prompted for the Notes password for each migration.


Table 8. Calendar Migration known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

"Description:" appears in the body of migrated calendar documents when viewed in Outlook Web Access.


Attachments in migrated calendar entries may not appear in the same position as in Notes when viewed from Outlook.


If an invitee of a migrated meeting is changed from Optional to Required, the invitee's name appears in both Optional and Required fields in OWA. This is not a problem in Outlook.


Calendar entries with a repeat pattern of Every Other Year are not natively supported in Exchange and are migrated as Yearly entries.


When the migration setting to add Room, Resource and Online Meeting Place information to the body of Calendar entries is selected, and there is no Room, Resource or Online Meeting Place in the calendar entry, "See Details Below" is still added to the Location field.


Subjects of Repeat Calendar entries that have carriage returns will not be displayed properly in Outlook and OWA.


Rooms and Resources added or removed to a Notes repeat meeting after the meeting was created will appear properly on each occurrence of the migrated meeting, but not the meetings series.


User values in the BCC field of a migrated calendar item will appear in the Resource field. This is because Exchange uses the BCC field for resources, so any names in the BCC field will be treated as a resource. If the location field is empty, Outlook will display the resources in the location field also (it assumes resources will be a room or online meeting place).


If "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" on the "Date and Time Properties" dialog box is not checked, and/or the latest Microsoft DST patches have not been installed, multi-day calendar events that start in one Daylight Savings Time period and end it another will appear off by 1 hour during the Daylight Savings Time period in which they were not created.


Migrated recurring calendar events, where invitees have been added or removed from single instances will not list the correct attendees on the Chair Person's calendar.  However, the invitees’ calendars are correct.


A migration crash can occur with an excessive amount of data (over 50 entries) in the Location and Rooms fields.


Enterprise Vault links in Domino calendar items are missing after migration.


Migrated meeting invitations that are unread in Notes are not displayed in the OWA calendar until after they are viewed post migration. (21865)


Calendar items that do not have a start or end date causes a migration failure.


Notes calendar entries' High Importance property does not get migrated to O365. Migrated calendar entries will be migrated as Normal importance.


Table 9. Calendar Migration\Anniversary known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

The Play Sound reminder option in HCL Notes Calendar items does not migrate to Outlook.


HCL Notes Anniversaries with the 'Pencil In' option selected are migrated to Outlook with a Show As: Free, instead of Tentative.


Reminder sound notification is not maintained on a non-repeating Anniversary after migration.


A recurring anniversary series that has been modified will appear on the correct day(s), but the dates displayed in each occurrence reflect the original date.


Location and Category fields are not migrated in Anniversaries.


Birthday and Anniversary data for local contacts are not added to the Outlook Calendar.


Table 10. Calendar Migration\Delegation known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

If an invitee delegates one or more instances of a repeating meeting to someone else and the chairperson then updates the meeting, the entire series will appear on the original invitee’s calendar post migration.


Table 11. Calendar Migration\Meetings known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Embedded images in calendar entries appear as attachments in migrated calendar documents.


The chairperson of an unaccepted meeting appears in the Required field after migration.


Responses from attendees added after the original invite is issued do not update the chair's calendar tracking status.


With the setting "Process meetings with no end date using ICAL information" set to yes, meetings with no end date sent from Outlook to Notes do not migrate properly if updates/reschedules have been accepted in HCL Notes.


Changes to migrated meetings with Rooms and/or Resources are not updated in the Domino Resource Reservations database. Updates are not properly made in the Notes Rooms and Resources database if a one-time meeting or reoccurring meeting is cancelled in Outlook. Additionally, updates are not properly made in the Notes Rooms and Resources database or migrated Room and Resource mailbox if individual occurrences are cancelled or rescheduled in Outlook.


If an occurrence of a migrated repeating meeting is changed by the migrated chair in Exchange, it does not appear correctly on the calendar of Invitees that were added after the original meeting was created.


Required attendees and resource do not show up in a printer output of the meeting with a migrated meeting. Native meetings created in Outlook show this information in the printed output.


Meetings and Appointments in Notes that have the choice "Mark Available" checked are listed as "Tentative”, instead of "Free”, when migrated to Exchange.


A meeting identified as a repeating meeting, but contains no repeat pattern, will not migrate the remaining events if one of the events has been cancelled.  The meeting will be listed in the log as being skipped because it was cancelled, when in truth, only one of the occurrences was canceled.


Unknown time zones display the incorrect time even though the meeting is on the calendar at the proper date and time.


The Response Status is not cleared when a critical change (date/time/location) is made by the chair after the invitee has accepted the original meeting. When the chair invites, the invitee accepts, the chair changes the date, and then migration occurs, the migrated calendar event will contain the invitee response to the original invite, even though it is not invalid/obsolete due to the date change. The date change notice will migrate correctly, and later responses will correctly update the chair tracking. In the time between migration and the invitee responding to the change, the chair tracking will continue to show the invitee as accepted even though the change has been issued.


If the entire series of a repeat meeting was rescheduled prior to migration, changes post migration will generate an NDR.


If the chair of a meeting cancels an instance of a recurring meeting prior to migration by using the 'Delete' key, Domino deletes the child document from the database. Since the child document is missing, Migrator for Notes will use the original pattern during migration, and the canceled meeting will appear on the calendar in Outlook.  To avoid this, the canceled meeting(s) instances should not be deleted from the source database.


Executable (.COM;.EXE;.BAT;.CMD;.VBS;.VBE;.JS;.JSE;.WSF;.WSH;.MSC) and consumable (.PST) attachments to calendar items are delayed when migrating. Items appear approximately 30 to 45 minutes after migration completes.


When an all day, repeating event is rescheduled in Notes before migration, the reschedule dates are not applied in Outlook. The original all-day event dates are used except for the first booking in the series.


Due to Exchange’s inability to process a large number of exceptions, during a migration, Migrator for Notes will not create more than 200 exceptions for an event. Any exception beyond the first 200 will not be applied, and this may show as updates/reschedules/additions/cancels/etc. not appearing on the later occurrences.


Table 12. Calendar Migration\Reminders known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Tasks/ToDos, Notices (invites and updates) that have reminders and Messages that have a follow-up/reminder set will cause many past due pop-up reminders in outlook after they are migrated. Clicking the "dismiss all" button will resolve the issue.


Because there is no equivalent in Outlook, Reminders migrate as appointments with the free time blocked out.


Table 13. Contact Migration known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Migration of personal NAB nested groups causes delivery failure for Nested Groups.


Migrating Personal Groups with internal Notes users creates delivery failures due to lack of "EX" value in 'Type' field.


The data in the Location field of contacts is not migrated.  The data in Address fields are not mapped properly and will appear differently between Outlook and Outlook Web Access.


Embedded graphics in Migrated Contacts are not visible in OWA.


The Home Address is migrated into both the Home and Business Address of Contacts.


The data in the Location field on the Business tab of a HCL Notes contact does not migrate to the PR_Office_Location field in Outlook as expected.


The entire Business Address is migrated to the City field in a Contact.


If the member of a Personal Mail Group was copied from the Domino Directory (into the Personal Address Book), the members have invalid SMTP addresses with a Domain of "@unk domain" after migration.


The Country Codes of Personal Addresses are not migrated in Contacts.


Embedded files in contacts do not migrate.


The IM Address in contacts does not migrate to Exchange.


The contact's SMTP email address does not get migrated to Exchange when the 'InternetAddress' field is NULL, but there is a value in the 'MailAddress' field.


When Contacts with a photo are migrated to Exchange, the contact photo is migrated to the "Notes" field as an attachment without an extension and not the contact field in the Exchange contact document.


When migrated to Exchange, the friendly email address format is incorrect and results in an email delivery failure when used.


Personal Contact non-primary email fields with a canonical format do not get translated to an SMTP address.


The Blog Site field in a Notes contact does not migrate because there is no corresponding field in Outlook.


If both the "pager" field and "Mobile 2" field are entered for a contact, the Mobile 2 number is lost.


Table 14. Delegation Permissions known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

In hybrid Exchange installations (containing Exchange on-prem and Office 365), delegation access can only be set for users on the same system. Office 365 users can set delegation access to the mailbox to other Office 365 users, but not to Exchange users. Exchange users can set delegation access to other Exchange accounts, but not to Office 365 users. Access delegation is not supported between Exchange on-prem users and Office 365 accounts.


The number of accounts or groups that can be excluded from the Delegate audit is limited to 200 entries.


Table 15. Encrypted Items known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

If a HCL Notes encrypted message is migrated with the parameter "Require decryption action and migrate into the body", but the document is not decrypted prior to migration, the recipient is duplicated in the To field. This will only occur the first time the recipient name is encountered. All subsequent messages will be migrated as expected.


The decrypt agent does not set the encrypt field to 0 or remove it, so an audit run after the agent has been run still show documents as encrypted when they are not.


For messages that are encrypted at the time of the migration, the From address is not translated and uses the address from the MIME header to stamp the message. Messages are migrated without the body due to encryption and the message is not able to be replied to since the From address has not been translated.


An apostrophe (') in encrypted content body text does not correctly migrate.


Table 16. Group Migrations known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Domino Directory Group Migrations should be done using Directory Sync Pro.


Table 17. Installation known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

File versions are not properly displayed in the C:\program files\binary tree\cmt for exchange\cmtmonitor\bin location.


The .MSI installer does not check the workstation environment meets the minimum requirements and does not install the missing components needed for a successful migration.


Migration workstations cannot be uninstalled if the Migration Control Center cannot be contacted.


Table 18. Logging known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Migration summary of contacts does not count group documents.


Table 19. Mail Migration known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Font size properties within a migrated message are not maintained if the font size in HCL Notes is not the default size.


The color of text bullets is black regardless of the color of the text and bullets in the source document.


Although the type of message to migrate is set to 'Mail Only' in the Migration Settings, Phone Messages still migrate and do not contain the correct formatting.


The recipient of a message sent to one's self appears in the CC: field instead of the To: field of migrated messages.


The text "Follow Up" is not present in the gray follow-up banner of the migrated messages when viewed in OWA. If there is no date associated with a follow up flag in Notes, the date and time the message was sent will appear in the gray follow-up banner of the message.


The Follow Flag reminder time is 12 hours ahead after migration when viewed from Outlook. It is displayed properly in OWA.


An embedded graphic in a migrated mail item is displayed incorrectly when opening the browser window minimized in OWA.


When migrating phone messages, the 'spiral notebook' graphic that appears at the top of the phone message in HCL Notes is migrated as an attachment.


Legacy Archive migration currently only supports 5 archives per user. Archive Migrator for Notes is recommended.


Follow Up dates associated with Follow Up flags do not migrate if the time field is not set in HCL Notes. Furthermore, Follow Up dates and times only migrate if the Alarm is set in HCL Notes.


The "Sent" field in a previewed Draft in Outlook displays the Migration Date instead of "None".


Migrated draft messages are not editable. Unable to resume editing or send a migrated draft message.


Some bullet types do not maintain the same format in migrated message bodies. This can impact all document types such as email, calendar, task and to-do.


The following error during migration causes mail messages to not appear in destination mailbox: ! Error: Failed to save changes in MimeToMapi 0x80040305


The bodies of messages containing winmail.dat files are not migrated, because they cannot be processed with MIME.


Multiple attachments of the same type in a single message, stored in the message as V4 attachment types, are not migrated across. An EML attachment is added to the email (file contains no content).


Reservation Doclinks sent from the Rooms and Resources database migrate as database links.


When an Office 365 validation check is performed and the Operating system folder destinations do not exist, an OLE: Automation object error occurs.


Tasks migrated to Exchange 2016 or 2019 mailboxes do not have the PR_CONVERSATION_INDEX_TRACKING property; however, this does not appear to impact the functionality of the task.


A migrated message with a follow up flag does not include the Priority Status (FollowUpStatus) if the FollowUpText field is populated.


There is an issue migrating Notes email that is stored in a MIME CSS format where the message body is missing post migration.


Draft messages are not migrated if both the source and target are non-English.


SMTP addresses do not support double byte character sets.


The source file or progress bar does not display correctly if the migration is run from a staged replica of the Domino mail file and used the additional database tab to supply the source information.


Submitting a migration job using the Schedule Migration option results in the worker not updating the controller to complete the job.


Responses to conversation threads that occur after the first pass migration are not added to the conversation during subsequent migrations.


The Remove Migrated data functionality incorrectly selects IPM.Schedule message class items for removal when the profile is intended to only select/remove Mail items.


Journal entries are migrated with the date that they are created in Notes, this does not use the Diary Date or Time Created for the journal fields.


HCL Notes stored forms and the content within the stored form may not be rendered properly after migration.


Table 20. Mail Migration\Attachments known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

There is a 240-character limitation imposed by HCL Notes on the full file/path name of an attachment. If this is exceeded, an error will occur and the mail message will not be migrated.


There is a limit of 100MB for attachments if the Large Attachment processing is not enabled. If this is enabled there is a limit of 125MB for a single attachment and 150MB for all attachments on a message


Attachments in contacts are not displayed in OWA, therefore migrated attachments in contacts are not displayed in OWA. They do function as expected when using an Outlook client.


Table 21. Mail Migration\Delivery Options known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Mail "Return Receipt:" loses all information after migrating to Exchange.


If an unread message with a read receipt request is migrated to Outlook before being read, the read receipt is not sent to the sender when read in Outlook.


Table 22. Mail Migration\Rich Text known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Bulleted lists with checkmarks, circles and squares are not migrated correctly and appear as filled in circles in Outlook.


Migrations that contain double byte character sets may experience Rich Text formatting issues in the message body. The message content is migrated, but may not retain the font colors, bold, or indentations.


Table 23. Mail Migration\Views/Folders known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Any folder name containing the word "Rules" (case sensitive) is not migrated to Exchange, however, the documents will be migrated to the Unfiled folder.


The Migration profile choice to "skip folder" will not work if the folder has a leading or trailing space.


When migrating to a PST running an Outlook client in a language other than English, Calendar, Contacts and the drafts folder migrate in English instead of the language being used.


Accented characters in an unfiled folder name is not migrated properly.


The Outlook system folder’s RSS Feeds and Search Folders (or language-specific folder’s names for these) are not migrated or updated during the migration processing.


Table 24. Mail-In db Migration known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

The Verify Database process does not report on mail-in databases.


Migration of Mail-in databases with a ":" in the name is not supported, and the Mail-in database should be renamed prior to migration to remove the ":".


Domino Database names containing special characters, such as "&", cause a migration status of "Migration terminated abnormally" even though the migration was successful.


Table 25. Match Users known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

The 'Matches the selected users on the Exchange CAS server' setting does not function properly. You must use LDAP to match users prior to migrations.


The Password field does not allow a space in the password when logging into the CAS Server administration ID in the Settings and Additional tab.


Users that have SMTP addresses starting with 'con.', for example '' cause PowerShell matching to fail.


If re-matching user accounts after an account has been deleted in Office 365, the original matching information is incorrectly used.


In Archive Migrator for Notes, if the archive documents generated need to be matched/re-matched, the Last Name field value will be updated for the first archive file. Documents for the second and forward will not be changed.


Table 26. Migration Workstation known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

The migration of a user with an ampersand (&) within the first name or last name will not send logs to the Migration Control Center.


Migrations workstations with a double byte character set language pack installed crashes when starting migrations.


Table 27. MTCW known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

When updating either a single occurrence meeting or any part of a repeating meeting, if the chair changes the time zone of the update, it may not be applied to the existing meeting, but may instead create a new entry on the calendar.


Table 28. Name Translation known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Contact group (Distribution List) will translate to LegacyExchangeDN if matching SMTP address exists in source 'Full Name' field. Outlook Distribution Lists cannot contain LegacyExchangeDN. This will cause email delivery failures.


Table 29. Notes Migrator.nsf known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

When clicking the 'Migrate Users' action, in an empty Migrate view, the 'Select Migration Priority' dialog is launched instead of receiving the following error: "To run this agent you must have at least 1 document selected".


The "Run Replica Comparison" agent does not function when a custom replication formula is used.


Chinese character archives cannot be opened from the open link in the CMT Person Document.


If an invalid password is entered in the Autodiscover Password setting, the Autodiscover process will prompt for a password when the migration begins. You must enter a valid password, check the box to remember these credentials and click OK for the migration to proceed. If you do not check the box to remember these credentials, the migration will end and not complete.


Table 30. Notes Migrator.nsf\Configuration Settings known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

When configuring migration of user for future time, you see "migration status is set to error for user XX: migratecmtuser failed in the status bar at the button of the HCL Notes client; however, the user will migrate.


Changing a migration to a “Migrate Now (high priority)” does not queue the user on the next available migration workstation; only use the default selection: "Add to migration queue (normal priority)”.


The "Past and Present Domino Domains" setting is limited to 255 characters.


Separators, other than commas, in the list of Past and Present Domino Domains entered in the Email Repliability settings are not converted to commas.


LDAP validation and processing will not complete if an AD Domain Controller GPO is set with “Domain controller: LDAP server signing requirements” set to “Require Signing”.


Calendar items created from migrated data will not be removed by the Remove Migrated Data function.


Table 31. Notes Migrator.nsf\Message Templates known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

The error message, "You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user" appears when attempting to send a migrated draft message.


When "receiving unencrypted mail, encrypt before storing in your mailfile:" is selected in the Person document (in the Domino Directory), the decrypt button will not decrypt these encrypted messages.


Migration Message Templates that contain Notes buttons are not available if an end user views the email in iNotes (web mail). This limitation applies to all button email templates in Migrator for Notes. The email buttons can only be processed in the full Notes client.


Table 32. Notes Migrator.nsf\Migration Profiles known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Attempting to Set Migration Profile when there are no documents selected, does not produce an error.


Advanced settings in a Migration Profile disappear after Profile Refresh, if the profile is deleted from the UI, and not the back-end. The Advance Settings are still stored in the back-end but are not displayed in the UI. To work around this issue, enter the missing values and resave the document.


When modifying a Migration Profile’s Migration Options, from the initially selected "Message of type" option with the 'Mail', 'Task', 'Calendar' or 'Contacts' checkboxes selected, to the "All message types" option, without unchecking the selected checkboxes, the migration will migrate the items which were initially selected, not all message types. The checkboxes must be unchecked prior to changing to the 'All message types' option.


Table 33. Notes Migrator.nsf\Post-Migration Actions known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

The "Set Reader Access for Users mailfile" does not properly report the success and failed to process correctly.


The "Set Reader Access" post migration action incorrectly reports no success when agent completes.


Migrated data does not get removed when using a date range. 


The Set Full Access button agent reports a PowerShell error when the Full Access delegation permissions are run on accounts that have been mail box enabled in Office 365 if there are two or more accounts that have the same Display Name attribute.

Error: The operation couldn't be performed because 'Account Name' matches multiple entries.


Table 34. Notes Migrator.nsf\Pre-Migration Actions known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

A Mail Rules message doesn't show the Message Log under the Migrator for Notes user document which prevents the migration administrator from verifying the rules message was sent to the selected user(s).


When using the combined notification template for end users in the Migrator for Notes database, there is no way to prevent execution alerts from being displayed to the end users.


Unable to provision a user if any of the shortnames in the Migrator for Notes person document are in firstname.lastname format, regardless of whether the value is single or multiple.


CAS Server matching returns an erroneous message when it can't find a match for a user due to non-matching SMTP addresses between the source and destination objects.


Verify Mail DB (Audit Mail file) does not support clustered mail servers.


The Name Translation Table CSVDE matching option does not support the matching of the German o ( ö ) character and Greek Alphabet characters (Έλληνες χρήστη1). To work around this issue, use one of the other match options.


Mail-in DB's or Rooms & Resources cannot be provisioned to Office 365. This must be manually performed.


Set Full Admin access fails when the users name contains a "$" character.


Private folders are not included in the Pre-Migration Mail File Audit.


Table 35. Notes Migrator.nsf\Progress Summary known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Scheduled migrations produced error in Notes status bar.


Table 36. Rooms and Resources known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

The database template specified in the Rooms & Resource settings must be present on the Target server specified in the same settings document, or an error will display that the database template cannot be found.


Room and Resources don't display on a migrated calendar entry on the scheduling tab.


Leading and trailing spaces are trimmed in values of Room Label, Resource Label, Online Label, Location Detail Indicator, and Room Resource Separator Settings Fields.


Recurring meetings in the Domino rooms and resources application are stored as individual documents for each instance and are migrated as such. These require direct management in Outlook for changes post migration. Additionally, modifications to recurring meetings in rooms and resources will not migrate instance changes correctly. 


Room and Resources Migration will not load the worker on the controller if no other workers are registered.  You will encounter the error: "C:\program files\binarytree\cmt for exchange\cmt_migrationworker.exe could not be started.  Please confirm that CMT is Installed correctly and the settings doc reflects the correct install path."


Room import fails when the room has quotes in the name.




Table 37. To-Do Migration known limitations

Known limitation

Issue ID

Completing a migrated Task will send a notification to the SendTo user when the Task is created using the "Copy into new..." button in HCL Notes. No notification should be sent.


Text bullets appear as asterisks ("*") post migration when viewed from Outlook Web Access (only).


Embedded graphics in HCL Notes Tasks are migrated as attachments.


HCL Notes Tasks created by a delegate appear in Outlook with the delegate as the Owner, instead of 'Delegate (Sent on behalf of mail file owner)'.


Migrated Tasks containing Notes links have an extraneous .gif attachment for each link.


Read/Unread status is not maintained on migrated Tasks when using Outlook Web Access.


Unaccepted To Do notices in HCL Notes do not migrate to Exchange.


Repeating tasks (to-do's) do not migrate to the correct dates.


Assigned Tasks (To-Do's) are migrated as Task calendar events, not as Task Requests. The migrated Task will only be displayed in the To-Do's not in the Inbox.


Yearly and Custom recurring Tasks become Weekly Tasks after migration.


When migrated assigned tasks are completed the person who created the task and assigned it to someone else does not get the notification that it was completed. 


The Task Owner name displays the ExchangeLegacyDN rather than the Display Name. This is a cosmetic issue only and there is no loss in functionality.


Task assignees (Required, Optional, FYI) are not migrated to Outlook.


System requirements

Refer to the Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 Requirements ( for system requirements.

Product licensing

A valid license is required for Binary Tree Migrator for Notes which will be provided as a .dlv file to be imported into the product.

To obtain licenses, see information on this page or contact the sales team at


License consumption:

The product will consume a license from the purchased count for each object submitted for migration from HCL Domino to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft PST file.

The license count for objects will include Domino Person, Mail-In Database, Room and Resource and any archives for the objects if these are migrated. 

A license will be consumed for each HCL Domino mail file nsf or archive file nsf associated with an object that is submitted for migration to the Migrator for Notes backend Microsoft SQL database.

After an object mail file or archive file is migrated and has a license assigned, the object entry can be re-migrated as many times as required if the entry is not removed from the migration system.

If an entry is removed from the migration system after migration and then subsequently submitted for migration again a new license will be consumed from the count of purchased licenses.


To apply a license file:

Refer to the Licenses section of the Binary Tree Migrator for Notes 20.14.2 Installation and Configuration Guide

To view applied license details:

An applied license will display in the bottom left of the Notes Migrator.nsf navigator. This may require closing and re-opening the Notes Migrator.nsf in Notes to refresh the display.

To view all applied license details use the View License History button on the Progress Summary view in the Notes Migrator.nsf application.


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