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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.3 - Program Parameters Reference Guide

About the Migrator for Notes to Exchange documentation Introduction Parameters for Admin Components Parameters for the Self-Service Desktop Migrator (SSDM)

How to specify or edit program parameters

Global Defaults, Task Parameters, and the parameters within the notesdtapp.ini file are all edited the same way, as if all three sets of parameters were stored in INI files. The features that let you edit Global Defaults and Task Parameters copy the current parameter settings from the SQL Server database into a text document in Windows' Notepad, so you can use the Notepad text-editing features to change parameter values or add new parameter specifications.

Since notesdtapp.ini is an INI text file, you can use Notepad or any other text editor to open the file and edit its contents.

To edit Global Defaults

In Notes Migration Manager:

Select File | Global Default Settings.

To edit Task Parameters

In Notes Migration Manager, on the View menu, ensure the Advanced Settings check box is selected. This is a toggle setting that determines whether the wizard allows you open and edit Task Parameters. If the feature is enabled, a screen titled Customize Configuration is displayed in the wizard screen sequence that is controlled by Task Parameters.

In the Customize Configuration screen (in any wizard that offers it):

Click Edit.

To edit parameters in notesdtapp.ini

The parameters for the Self-Service Desktop Migrator (SSDM) are saved and can be edited in an INI text file, notesdtapp.ini, which resides in the same path with the Self-Service Desktop Migrator application. Since an INI file is a simple text file, use any text editor to open, view, and edit the file.

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