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Toad Data Modeler 7.0 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Toad® Data Modeler 7.0

Release Notes

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

These release notes provide information about the Toad® Data Modeler release.

About Toad Data Modeler

Toad Data Modeler helps organizations create, maintain and document their database systems with an easy-to-use graphical interface into new or existing database structures. Toad Data Modeler enables users to reverse engineer database structures, update models, design and generate SQL, compare models and generate alter scripts, create HTML or RTF reports, in addition to versioning of database designs and creation of to-do lists.

Toad Data Modeler 7.0 is a major release, with new and enhanced features, and a fixed vulnerability of a third party component. See New in Toad Data Modeler 7.0 and Resolved issues for more information.

Toad Data Modeler is released in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version of the application has a significantly higher memory limit which should resolve several common issues incl. out of memory errors, which occurred when working with complex models.

However, in order to reverse engineer databases that require a client you need a corresponding version of the client, i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit.

New Features

New in Toad Data Modeler 7.0

General features

Model Explorer

  • It is now possible to use Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste in Model Explorer

Support for Not Null value in IDEF1X notation

  • Select IDEF1X in View | Notation
  • Optional attributes that are not null and not part of a primary key are now displayed when IDEF1X notation is used

Database features

Support for Oracle 18c

  • Support for Reverse Engineering from a SQL/DDL file has been enhanced

Support for MySQL 8.0

  • MySQL 8.0 is now fully supported. Toad Data Modeler supports MySQL 8.0.13 and newer
  • Database settings are placed in Settings | Options | Model | Physical Model | MySQL | MySQL 8.0
  • Reverse Engineering from a database and SQL file, Change Script, and DDL Script Generation are supported
  • Management of users and roles has been enhanced
  • Design and layout of Attribute properties has been improved
  • New verification tests have been added

Support for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL 9.5

  • Support for Reverse Engineering from a SQL/DDL file has been added


Logical Model

  • It is now possible to add inheritance to a category

Change Script Generation

  • Minor enhancements for Change Script Generation of IBM DB2 LUW, GreenPlum, PostgreSQL, and MySQL have been implemented

UI enhancements

  • Look and feel of several dialogs have been improved

Resolved Issues

Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Freeware license is now hidden in case any valid commercial license is present 4962/4395012
A bug that disabled some TDM functions on any systems with Windows 10 update 1809 and newer has been fixed 4868
TDM now loads indexes with names in quotes correctly 4854
An access violation does not occur anymore when Change Script is run on an entity with a foreign attribute using the right-click menu 4866
Generating permissions by using AddUserRight now works correctly for entities, views, materialized views, procedures, and functions 4833
Primary Keys are now generated for MS SQL Server when only keys are selected in Selected OTPs for generator in SQL Server/Azure SQL Database 4845/4372452
"No parent item (key or index) has been found during foreign key creation." will now be displayed for the first time as message. All other occurrences will be logged 4572
Foreign Key generated inside SQL table statement is now shown in SQL preview 4153/4209860
Reverse Engineering, Reports, Change Script, and DDL generation were enhanced. It is now possible to select NULL value in Extended Property menu for MS SQL Server and Azure SQL Database V12 4096
DDL Script Generation for PostgreSQL using scripting has been fixed 4836/4371791
Crashing of Reverse Engineering for Oracle users with specific permissions missing has been fixed 5195
Changing font site in SQL tab of Function Properties is now possible 5259/4469649
It is now possible to ignore schema names during comparison of databases 95/4439430

Known Issues

Known issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

Issue Issue ID
Some authentication methods with Microsoft Azure SQL Database cannot currently be used with Toad Data Modeler 4570/4291011
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