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Unified Communications Diagnostics 8.4.1 - Deployment Guide

Installing Unified Communications Diagnostics Technical Information for UC Diagnostics for Exchange Technical Information for Office 365 Technical Information for UC Diagnostics for BlackBerry Technical Information for UC Diagnostics for OCS Technical Information for UC Diagnostics for Lync/Skype for Business Troubleshooting

BlackBerry Message Delivery Health Test

The BlackBerry Message Delivery health test allows you to monitor the ability to deliver email within your BlackBerry environment. This test sends a test message from a source mailbox to one or more target BlackBerry devices or BlackBerry simulators.

You must manually create test mailboxes required for this test. Test mailboxes created for UC Diagnostics health tests can be reused as the source mailbox.

You can use BlackBerry Device Simulator software instead of a real BlackBerry device for testing message delivery health.

If the test source mailbox is hosted on an Exchange 2010 or later mailbox database, the Exchange organization must have, at least, one available Exchange 2010 or 2013 CAS server or one Exchange 2016 Mailbox server that exists on the same site as the server that hosts the active mailbox database copy.

See the following tables for the test targets, required configuration, and the required permissions for this test.

You can run the test against the following target servers.

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

BlackBerry server

The following software must be installed on the UC Diagnostics computer.

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

The BlackBerry server must be configured as follows:

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

The test credentials must have the following permissions:

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

Historical reporting database usage estimates

The following table lists the approximate amount of space required for each test each monitoring interval when running Web Reports and when storing test history:

Server Health

0.5 KB

Message Delivery Health

0.1 KB (per target mailbox)

72 KB

For example, to run a BlackBerry Server health test on one server, the maximum space required (with default parameters) would be:

For example, you have a medium-sized environment with the following characteristics:

The approximate space required for historical data would be:

Server Health

1.1 MB

Message Delivery Health

0.6 MB


1.7 MB

BlackBerry Diagnostic Console Technical Information

The BlackBerry Diagnostic Console provides you with a real-time representation of the messaging system processes and components within your BlackBerry server.

You can diagnose and resolve issues using the BlackBerry Diagnostic Console.

The following tables provide information about the required configuration and permissions needed to run the diagnostic console for BlackBerry.

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

For more information on configuring SNMP, see For more information on configuring SNMP, see the BlackBerry knowledge base.

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

Web Reports Technical Information

UC Diagnostics has a separate web-based reporting component called UC Diagnostics Web Reports.

For security recommendations for Web Reports, see Web Reports security recommendations .

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