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Unified Communications Diagnostics 8.4.1 - Deployment Guide

Installing Unified Communications Diagnostics Technical Information for UC Diagnostics for Exchange Technical Information for Office 365 Technical Information for UC Diagnostics for BlackBerry Technical Information for UC Diagnostics for OCS Technical Information for UC Diagnostics for Lync/Skype for Business Troubleshooting

Discovering your BlackBerry environment

When you connect to an organization, the Management Console discovers and displays your entire BlackBerry environment. Discovery is initially configured to run automatically once a day to detect changes to your environment.

Permissions required

The following permissions are required to run the management console for BlackBerry.

Diagnostic Services

Management Console

Read access to database, unless SQL authentication is used.

BlackBerry Health Tests

UC Diagnostics contains the following health tests that each monitor one part of your BlackBerry server:

By default, we recommend running these tests every 30 minutes, except for the Server health test. We recommend configuring two server health tests - one without monitoring event logs with an interval of 30 minutes and the second for monitoring event logs that run only once a day. For more information on test settings, see the Unified Communications Diagnostics User Guide.

BlackBerry Server Health Test

The BlackBerry Server health test allows you to monitor the basic health of all your BlackBerry servers. This test allows you to monitor the following types of information:

The BlackBerry Server health test monitors BlackBerry 4 Enterprise, BlackBerry 4 Configuration, BlackBerry 5 Enterprise, and BlackBerry 5 Configuration servers.

All SQL-related performance counters for BlackBerry Configuration Database servers target the SQL Server Enterprise version of SQL (unnamed instance). The test results show a grey icon for the BlackBerry Configuration Database servers installed on the named instance of the SQL server. Error details specify that the object is unavailable - the performance counter is either uninstalled or disabled.

For monitoring BlackBerry Configuration Database servers installed on a named instance of SQL server, you must replace the SQL-related performance counters with corresponding performance counters for the named instance. For more information, see Troubleshooting .

See the following tables for the test targets, required configuration, and the required permissions for this test.

You can run the test against the following target servers.

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

BlackBerry servers and BlackBerry Enterprise Database servers

The BlackBerry server must be configured as follows:

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

Enable WMI on each BlackBerry server

Enable public or private SNMP access on BlackBerry Enterprise Server

The test credentials must have the following permissions:

4.1.2 - 5.0.4 (including 5.0.4 MR4)

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