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Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.3 - User Guide

Introducing Quest UC Analytics Viewing UC Analytics insights Modifying UC Analytics insights Exporting and importing UC Analytics insights Automatically exporting and sending insights (subscriptions) Appendix A:Questions and Answers for UC Analytics insights Appendix B:List of UC Analytics insights

Drilling down to detailed information

If you have unrestricted data access, you can see both aggregate information and detailed information. When you launch an insight by clicking on the insight tile, the main view of the insight is displayed.

An insight can consist of composite views (charts, tables) such as summary insights or can consist of a single table view such as the details insights. When you first display an insight, you are looking at the main view of the insight.

You can drill down into the details of a specific item of data through the details browser.

Main view

Shows the insight main view of the data.

For some insights, the top level view (main view) might be a composite view of aggregate data containing graphs and charts and tables.

For other insights, the top level view might be a table with detailed individual records.

Details browser

The details browser provides a detailed view of a specific item of data:

Click on any row in the table and all the detailed information for the data in that row is displayed in the details panel on the right.

To drill down to additional information in the details panel, click a value that is in blue text.

Viewing insights with aggregate or unrestricted access

If you have aggregate data access, you can view “public” information in insights. Public information is information that does not specifically identify both individuals in a messaging transaction or does not include “private” information such as message subject, file attachment name, or message ID. If you are collecting message body information, the message body is also considered private.

Other information is considered “sensitive” and may be available for aggregate access depending on the filters you have set. Sensitive information can include:

With aggregate access, you can view sensitive information in some insights. However, sensitive information is not available for specific individuals unless you have unrestricted access.

Generally, with aggregate access, you can add a filter for one sensitive item in a single insight but not for two or more sensitive items. For this reason, when you modify an insight, some information may become available or unavailable when you change the selected filters for entities (such as senders, receivers, messages, groups, sessions, conferences).

For example, if you have aggregate access to data, you can view insights that contain information such as

However, if you only have aggregate access, you cannot modify an insight to include private information such as

Filters that are related to response time, such as delivery time, received time of day, was received after hours, and receipt date, are available only for the receivers of a message.

To see detailed and private information in insights, you must have an unrestricted security access.

How can I find details insights?

The details insights are not shown by default (the recommended insights). You can add details insights to your home page using the library.

Modifying UC Analytics insights

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