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Toad Intelligence Central 5.2 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Toad® Intelligence Central 5.2.x

Release Notes

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

About Toad Intelligence Central

Toad® Intelligence Central enables enterprise users to be far more productive with their tools including Toad Data Point by centralizing automation workflows, accessing data directly, collaborating and sharing on datasets, queries and Toad files and providing a secure and established way to manage your data sprawl.

  • AUTOMATE - Toad users can schedule the regular automated execution of Toad Data Point automation scripts on Toad Intelligence Central.

  • ACCESS - Toad users can access Toad files and basic data files published to Toad Intelligence Central that have been shared with them. An additional data connectivity license extends Toad Intelligence Central to work across a wide range of data stores including relational database models, data warehouses, No SQL and Business Intelligence data sources like OBIEE and SAP®.

  • SHARE - Objects can be shared amongst users and groups and organized collectively in a familiar folder structure, assigned tags and given a description for easy search retrieval. Administration of users and groups can be managed locally or users and groups can be imported from Active Directory®.
  • SECURE - Toad Intelligence Central provides a centrally managed, secure, stable and accessible system.

Distributions of Toad Intelligence Central include a Web Server for administrative and general user access. In addition, Toad Data Point and other collaborative Toad products can directly access Toad Intelligence Central. Data on Toad Intelligence Central can be accessed via a third party product such as Tableau for further data processing and visualization.

Data Connectivity

A valid data connectivity license supports the following Business Intelligence Data Sources.

  • Google Analytics™
  • Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 10g and 11g
  • SAP® Business Objects Query as a Web Service (QAAWS) XI 3.0, 3.1 and 4.1
  • SharePoint® Lists using Data Services over SharePoint Server 2010 and later via OData. Also, SharePoint Online.
  • Hive™
  • Microsoft® Analysis Services
  • OData - Generic for any OData service versions 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Intelligence Central 5.2.1 is a patch release, with resolved issued, and enhanced features.


New Features

This release of Toad Intelligence Central includes new features and enhancements.

Toad Intelligence Central 5.2

See Resolved issues for enhancements and resolved issues in this release of Toad Intelligence Central.

Deprecated Features

Integration with Toad for Oracle has been discontinued. The Toad for Oracle Code Quality, Code Analysis, Code Tester, Team Coding, and DB Health Check pages have been removed in Toad Intelligence Central 5.0. Beginning with Toad for Oracle 13.1, you can no longer connect to Toad Intelligence Central and you cannot publish scripts, files, Code Analysis results, and other resources to a Toad Intelligence Central server.

The Admin Console. Beginning with Toad Intelligence Central 4.3, the Admin Console is no longer required and is not included in the Toad Intelligence Central installation. The administrative functionality of the Admin Console is now superseded by the Web Server (Web Console). The activity of mapping/editing data objects is best performed through Toad Data Point.

After installing Intelligence Central 4.3 or later, it is recommended that you uninstall any earlier version of the Admin Console as some functionality may no longer be supported.

Authentication Keys for Views. Beginning with Toad Intelligence Central 4.3, a view can now have only one type of key, personal or shared. This change is designed to simplify the process of Authentication. If you are upgrading from Intelligence Central 3.3 or earlier, please see the Upgrade section of the Toad Intelligence Central Deployment Guide for more information.

Toad for Oracle Installation. Beginning with Toad Intelligence Central 4.3, Toad for Oracle is no longer installed as part of the Toad Intelligence Central installation.

Run in Debug Mode. In Toad Intelligence Central 3.3, the Run in debug mode option was removed from the Web console (Web server). It is no longer necessary to enable/disable debug mode. Debug-level information is always logged and automatically included in the support bundle. This release also includes improved logging strategies and archiving methods.

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release of Intelligence Central.

Resolved Issues in 5.2.1

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Now you can set an end date when scheduling Automation scripts 3432/4743954
Oracle number type is not converted to float type anymore 3354/4724562
TDP now loads properties correctly when publishing to TIC 3232
An error during connection to SQL Server has been fixed 3283/4722271
An issue when a hub error message was incorrectly written into MySQL system table has been resolved 12830/4439175, 4696586
An error when automation scripts were failing after TIC server had run for some time has been fixed 3614/4768992, 4752043

Resolved Issues in 5.2

Resolved Issue Issue ID
We fixed an issue when filter data was incorrect for Azure Table Services 12571
We implemented support for high-level SharePoint version import and export, support user name, and password verification  12684/4686214
TIC root user password of and ::1 are now modified during installation 12564/4678713
We fixed an error when "ca-central-1" region was not available with DynamoDB connector


We fixed an error in Automation with a specific appdata folder


Resolved Issues in Toad Data Point—If you are using Toad Data Point to publish objects to Intelligence Central or to run Automation scripts on Intelligence Central, you might want to also review resolved issues in the Toad Data Point Release Notes.

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