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Toad Intelligence Central 4.3 - Quick Start Guide

Add from Active Directory

This dialog is used to add users and groups from Active Directory® to Toad Intelligence Central.

To add users/groups from Active Directory

  1. In the Add Users/Groups from Active Directory dialog, select a domain from the drop-down list. Intelligence Central retrieves the list of users in that domain.
  2. You can filter the list by entering a partial text string in the text box.
  3. To refresh the list, click Refresh. The refresh option is available only for domains that are selected for synchronization in Intelligence Central.

    Note: This process could take several minutes, depending on the size of the domain.

  4. If the domain you want to view is not listed, click Add Domain.
    • Enter the name of the domain to add. Then enter credentials for an account in that domain. Click Authenticate. See Authenticate to Active Directory for more information.
  5. Select available Active Directory users/groups and move them to the users/groups to be added list.


    • Use SHIFT to select multiple users/groups in sequence. Use CTRL to select multiple users/groups not in sequence.
    • The number of Active Directory users displayed is limited to 10,000. For domains containing more than 10,000 users, a message informs the user that the list is not displayed in full. To find users not displayed, use the search box.
    • Enter a name or partial text string in the search box to filter the list of users and groups. Intelligence Central returns users that contain matching text in the username or full name fields. Clear the search box to clear this filter.
  6. Click Add Users to add the users/groups to Intelligence Central.

    When a group is added, an Active Directory user account is created on Toad Intelligence Central for anyone in the group who does not already have an account on Toad Intelligence Central (in addition to the group account).

  7. A Success message displays if the users were successfully added.

Create Intelligence Central groups

Intelligence Central allows you to create a group from existing users. You can include user accounts from both Active Directory and Intelligence Central in one group. Intelligence Central groups are identified by the following icon: .

The user creating the group is the owner of the group. The owner and users with an Administrator role are able to remove the group and edit group properties. If the owner is deleted, then the Administrator (root) becomes the group owner.

Note: Intelligence Central groups use a flat structure and contain any number of users. A group cannot contain sub-groups or nested groups.

To create an Intelligence Central group

  1. Using a web browser, select Administration | Groups | Add Group | Create Intelligence Central Group.
  2. In the Create Group dialog, enter a name and add users. Review the following for additional information.

    Field Description
    Group name Give the group a name. A group name can be up to 128 characters: letters, numbers, space ( ), hyphen (-), underscore (_), period (.). The name is case insensitive.
    Description (Optional) Enter a description.

    Group members

    Any enabled user on Toad Intelligence Central can potentially be a group member. Select the Intelligence Central users to add to the group. Move these users to the Users in this group list. You (the user creating the group) are added to this list by default and can be removed.

    The number in brackets following Group Members indicates the number of users in the group.

    If the number of users on Toad Intelligence Central is extensive then you may like to filter the list of potential users. You can do this by typing text in the Start typing to find available users box. Remove the text to remove the filter.

Support Bundle

A support bundle can assist in the diagnosis of issues such as data connectivity and query performance. To help troubleshoot these issues, you might want to generate a support bundle to send to Quest Software Technical Support. See the following for more information:

Create a Support Bundle

You can create a support bundle and send it to Quest Software Support. The support bundle contains information about the status, logs, and configuration of Toad Intelligence Central and the Toad Intelligence Central Web server. The support bundle provides information that is used to help troubleshoot problems.

To generate and send a support bundle

  1. In the Web interface, click to open the About box.

  2. In the About box, click Contact to open the Quest Software contact details tab.
  3. Then click Generate support bundle.
  4. A file of type ZIP will be created and then downloaded as per your web-browser settings. You can save this zip file and then attach it to an email to Quest Software Support.
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