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Toad Intelligence Central 4.3 - Deployment Guide

Server-Level Configuration

Before Intelligence Central can start sending email notifications, the email notifications service must be enabled on the Intelligence Central server. In addition, the SMTP mail server must be configured. Both of these actions can be performed by a user with the Administrator role.

A user with the Administrator role can also subscribe/unsubscribe individual users to the email notification service.

To enable notifications and configure the SMTP mail server

  1. Select Administration | Server | Notifications.
  2. Select On in the Email notifications field.
  3. Click Configure SMTP Mail Server.
  4. In the Configure SMTP Mail Server dialog, enter the mail server host name.
  5. If your SMTP mail server supports TLS/SSL, select Use TLS/SSL. This will encrypt email communications between Intelligence Central and your SMTP mail server.
  6. If the SMTP server requires authentication, select the check box and enter credentials.
  7. From address—Enter an email address to use as the sender address in each email.
  8. Subject prefix—Enter a prefix to use at the beginning of the Subject line of each email.
  9. Click Send Test Email to test your email configuration.
  10. Click Save to save your settings and close the dialog.

To subscribe/unsubscribe users

  • To unsubscribe a user, select the user name in the Subscribers list (left pane) and click the right arrow to move the user to the Unsubscribed list (right pane).
  • To resubscribe a user, select the user name in the Unsubscribed list and move the user to the Subscribers list.

Specify User Email Subscriptions

A user with the Administrator role can specify which types of email notifications each individual user can receive.

Any user can specify the email notification options for their own user account.

To change a user's email subscriptions

  1. Log in using a Web browser and select Administration | Users.
  2. Select a user name.
  3. Click Change subscription and then select which email notifications this user should receive. See Email Notifications for a description of each notification type.

Note: Email Notifications must be enabled on the Intelligence Central server before the Admin Digest can be sent. See Server-Level Configuration for Notifications for more information.

Misc Administrator Activities

In addition to the other server-related activities described elsewhere in this document, users with the Administrator role can also perform the following.


Download Audit Log

The Audit Log allows you to download a log of activity on Toad Intelligence Central for a specific time period.

The log is a simple spreadsheet and includes the following information:

  • Time of event
  • Type of event
  • Event description
  • Object name or database name, if applicable

To download the audit log

  1. From a web browser, log in to Toad Intelligence Central as a user with an Administrator role. For more information about the Administrator role, see User Roles.
  2. Click Administration | Server | Logging.
  3. In the Audit Log section, select a time period.
  4. Then click Prepare Download. This converts the log to a CSV file. The time to prepare the file for download depends on the time span selected and the usage volume during the time span.
  5. Track the preparation of the download on the web browser display.
  6. Intelligence Central displays a Success message when the object is ready to download. Click the link in the Success message to download the audit log. The location of the log file on download will be as per your web browser settings.
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