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Toad Intelligence Central 4.3 - Deployment Guide

Use Virtual Disk in VM Installation

If you plan to install Toad Intelligence Central in a virtual machine (VM) environment, and you require more space than is available, you might choose to utilize a virtual disk (VMDK) to store the Toad Intelligence Central Data Files Folder.

Create the virtual disk and mount a drive on the VM to the virtual disk (if remote) prior to installing Toad Intelligence Central. Then during installation, specify the virtual disk as the location for the Data Files Folder.

The following procedure describes how to add a virtual disk for a VMware® virtual machine.

Add new virtual disk (VMDK) to VMware VM

  1. Open the VMware virtual machine.
  2. Select the virtual machine and select VM | Settings.
  3. Select the Hardware tab.
  4. Click Add.
  5. In the Add Hardware Wizard, select Hard Disk and click Next.
  6. On the Select a Disk page, select Create a new virtual disk. Click Next.
  7. On the Select a Disk Type page, use the defaults. Click Next.
  8. On the Specify Disk Capacity page, enter a value for the disk size. Select Store virtual disk as a single file. Click Next.
  9. On the Specify Disk File page, specify a location for the virtual disk file. Click Browse.
    1. Specify the remote server address, if creating the disk on a remote server.
    2. Enter a file name.
    3. Click Open.
  10. After adding the virtual disk, you must initialize it.
    1. In the VMware virtual machine, go to Computer Management | Storage | Disk Management.
    2. Initialize the uninitialized virtual disk.
    3. After it is initialized, right-click the disk and select New Simple Volume.
  11. The new virtual disk should now be listed under Drives on the computer where it is located.

Access to Toad Intelligence Central

Use one of the following methods to access Toad Intelligence Central:

  • Web Interface—Log in to the Web Server using a Web browser
  • Toad Applications—A Toad application, such as Toad Data Point or Toad for Oracle
  • Third-Party Tool—A third-party tool, such as Tableau or a MySQL command line interface

Note: Toad Intelligence Central is a server that runs as three services that start automatically when Windows starts. For more information, see Toad Intelligence Central services.


Method Description

Web Interface

See Log In From a Web Browser for more information about accessing Intelligence Central through the Web interface.

The Web interface (Web Server) provides Standard users with the ability to view and perform limited operations on objects published to Intelligence Central from other Toad applications. To use the Web interface, the Web server must be installed on the same computer as Intelligence Central. The Toad Intelligence Central Quick Start Guide provides the Standard user with information on how to use the Web interface.

The Web interface allows users with the Administrator role to perform advanced activities such as the management of users, groups, and objects, as well as Intelligence Central server configuration and maintenance.

Toad Applications

Toad Data Point users can publish data objects, Automation scripts, Toad documents, and other resources created in Toad Data Point to Intelligence Central. Toad for Oracle users can publish Automation apps, files, and other resources created in Toad for Oracle. For these users, their primary method to view, access, manage, and edit Intelligence Central objects is through their Toad application.

Third-Party Tool

See Third Party Connection to Toad Intelligence Central for more information.

A Toad Intelligence Central user can create a MySQL connection to Toad Intelligence Central through a third party tool such as Tableau, MySQL command line interface, or MySQL Workbench. This connection can be used to query Data Connectivity objects stored in Toad Intelligence Central.


Log in from a Web Browser

When the Web server is installed along with the Intelligence Central server, users can access Intelligence Central through a Web-based interface using a Web browser.

To log in to Toad Intelligence Central using a web browser

  • In a Web browser, enter the URL to the server hosting Intelligence Central. Review the following for additional information.


    The address of Toad Intelligence Central is http://hostName/ where hostName is the name of the computer hosting the Web Server and Toad Intelligence Central. If the Web Server has been installed on a port other than port 80 then the address is http://hostName:port/.

    Log in

    Toad Intelligence Central prompts you to login.

    If you login to Toad Intelligence Central using Windows credentials then enter your login name at the login prompt. If necessary, include your Windows domain: domain\username. The computer you use to login to Toad Intelligence Central must be accessible to your Windows domain.

    To login to Toad Intelligence Central as the Administrator (root), in the username field type root. In the password field type your Administrator password. The initial Administrator password is as per the password you entered when you installed the Intelligence Central server.

    Note: The login screen may include an option to Register as a new user. If you do not have a login to Toad Intelligence Central then click this link to add yourself as a new user. The availability of this link is dependent on local configuration. For more information on this feature, see Users and Groups To set local configuration, see Configure New User Registration.

Note: Toad Intelligence Central encrypts your login credentials when transmitted over the network.

Refer to your local Toad Intelligence Central Administrator for more information.

Third Party Connection to Intelligence Central

A Toad Intelligence Central user can create a MySQL connection to Toad Intelligence Central through a third-party tool, such as one of the following:

  • Tableau
  • MySQL command line interface
  • MySQL Workbench

This connection can be used to query tables, views, snapshots and datasets stored in Toad Intelligence Central.

Requirements / Limitations

Third party tool Ensure the authentication method you use to connect to Toad Intelligence Central is supported by the third party tool. This is straightforward if you login to Toad Intelligence Central using credentials local to Toad Intelligence Central. If you login to Toad Intelligence Central using Windows credentials then the third party tool must also support MySQL connection via Windows credentials.

Computer where the third party tool is installed

Ensure a MySQL driver is installed appropriate to the third party tool and Toad Intelligence Central.

Ensure the default character set is UTF8.

Toad Intelligence Central Share / Manage rights To see an object that you did not create yourself you must have Share or Manage rights to that object. These rights can be granted by any Toad Intelligence Central user with Manage rights to the object using the Web interface or an application such as Toad Data Point.
Data source authentication Ensure the data source authentication you use to access the result set of a table or view is defined in Toad Intelligence Central. This can be done using the Web interface (Web server) or Toad Data Point. It cannot be done using the third party tool.


Create the MySQL connection.

Parameter Description
Host name

The name of the Toad Intelligence Central server host.


The connection port to the Toad Intelligence Central server. This is the Port number set during installation of the Toad Intelligence Central server, by default 3566.

Username and Password

Your username and password to Toad Intelligence Central. Alternatively, if you use Windows credentials to connect to Toad Intelligence Central then select the option to connect via Windows credentials.

MySQL database

Select the MySQL database where the object is stored. This is dependent on the application used to create the object.

Application Description
Toad Data Point

The database is defined when the object is published to Toad Intelligence Central.

Admin Console

For a table, view or snapshot the MySQL database is the name of the data source. For a dataset the database is of the form data_owner. The owner is the user that created the dataset.

Note:  Beginning with Toad Intelligence Central 4.3, the Admin Console is no longer installed by the Toad Intelligence Central Installer. The administrative functionality of the Admin Console is now superseded by the Web Server. The activity of mapping/editing data objects is best performed through Toad Data Point.

Note: Hidden, temporary and internal Toad Intelligence Central databases and MySQL databases may be visible.


Query tables, views, snapshots and datasets.

Note: When querying tables and views, execution of SQL may fail under some circumstances. If the SQL used by the third party tool has a MySQL dialect, then that SQL may fail if the query is shipped to a non-MySQL relational database for remote execution. As a workaround, you could use Toad Data Point to save the table or view as a snapshot and then access the snapshot via the third party tool.

MySQL Views

You can use the following MySQL commands to verify the third party tool.

  • SHOW [FULL] TABLES command
  • DESC[RIBE] command
  • EXPLAIN command
  • SHOW [FULL] COLUMNS command
  • SELECT query against information_schema.views
  • SELECT query against information_schema.tables
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