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Toad for SQL Server 7.1 - Installation Guide

Navigate Call Stacks

The Call Stack is a software stack of procedures, functions, or routines used by the currently running program. This window displays the chain of functions and procedures as they are called, in the order they are called, with the most recent function or procedure listed at the top of the window. During a debugging session, at least one procedure (the current procedure) displays in the stack. You can use the Call Stack to navigate through the calls, including selecting the line that invoked the subroutine in the calling procedure. You can also use the Call Stack to set the context-level for viewing watches in both the Watches and Local Watches tool windows. 

To navigate the call stack

  1. Select Debug | Windows | Call Stack.


    Displays the name of the code.


    Displays the current line number in the code.

  2. Double-click an item to change the context-level and navigate to that code and line in the Editor window. You can switch between the Call Stack and Editor windows or scroll through the text as needed to display the exact line referenced in the call.


    Right-click an item and select View Source.


  • When stepping through your code in the Editor window, the Call Stack window updates based on the context of the selected line.

  • Place the cursor over a procedure in the Editor window to display the value appropriate for that procedure in the Call Stack, even if multiple procedures are in the same script.


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