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Toad for SQL Server 7.0 - Release Notes

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.


Known Issue

Defect ID

Startup/Installation If intending to hibernate the machine with the open connections to the servers that might be unavailable at the next startup, it is recommended to disconnect first due to risk of data loss. N/A

When installing Toad using Quest Installer on Windows 7 64-bit, Program Compatibility Assistant may appear with “This program might not have installed correctly” message.


Select This program installed correctly to continue installation. For more information, see


Code Completion Code Completion provides limited syntax support of SELECT * INTO clause. ST87112
Connection Manager

Cannot establish Named Pipes connection if "Poll service status in connection list" option is selected.


Clear "Poll service status in connection list" checkbox on the Tools | Options | Database | General page.


You need to install Microsoft Active Directory Authentication Library (adalsql.msi) to connect to Azure SQL Database using Active Directory Password Authentication.

Data For some queries, attempting to right-click a row and select Row Count results in a message stating that the row count could not be determined. N/A
Performance Monitor You may encounter an exception in the Performance Monitor during recording: in the Object explorer expand and collapse a tables list. 930
You may encounter an exception when using the Performance Monitor and Session Browser at the same time. 948
Schema Compare When the Ignore column order option is not selected two tables are incorrectly reported to be equal. 245
The script comparing two databases where one database is empty has execution errors. 271
The script synchronizing two databases that have the same table with different index is incorrect. 834
Debugger You may encounter some issues when debugging remotely. ST82044
Editor Toad may hang after applying Short Format Uppercase Keywords or Short formats to large scripts.


Execution Plan

You cannot generate an estimated execution plan for queries containing local temporary tables because the execution plan uses a different connection to generate the plan and does not know about the temp table.

Use the actual execution plan button to generate execution plans for SQL that contains a temp table.

Export Wizard/ One Click Export

Limitations when exporting fractional seconds:

  • When exporting to an Access Database File, exports do not support fractional seconds, so the additional data is not exported.

  • When exporting to an Excel instance, exports support only 3-digits for fractional seconds. However, if you export to an Excel file, it supports all fractional seconds.


Avoid using Excel for exporting if your data has numeric values that require a high precision because Excel's precision is limited to 15 digits. If you export numbers with more precision, the values are rounded. If you export boundary numbers (max, min), rounded numbers will exceed the data type limit.


Job Manager SQL Azure connections currently display in the Job Manager even though the Job Manager is not available for SQL Azure. ST75721
Log Reader User information only displays for operations in the sessions that are currently open. Backups do not contain this information because only the SPID information is available to them.


SQL Azure connections currently display in the Read Log wizard even though the Log Reader is not available for SQL Azure. ST75720
Object Explorer/ Database Explorer

Table and Index Partitioning:

  • Currently, you cannot create or manage a partition on a table or index that includes a FileStream column.
  • Currently, estimating index compression savings runs a full table compression savings query, so the estimation may be slow on large tables.



FDCC: User cannot start/stop SQL Agent running Toad with Regular or Admin User account on the client side in some limited environments.


Start the SQL Agent on the server side.


Third Party Known Issues

The following is a list of third party issues known to exist at the time of release of Toad for SQL Server 7.0.

Feature Known Issue Defect ID


If an Excel file is open in Toad, you cannot open the same file in a separate Excel instance. To review this and other limitations when using Excel in the Web Browser, see "Considerations When Using the WebBrowser Control" at:


Export Wizard/
One Click Export

To export to an Office 2003 or 2007 Excel instance, the Office Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) must be installed. You can install the PIAs from one of the following locations:  

2003 PIAs:    

2007 PIAs:  


Import Wizard Importing large data sets from Excel (approximately 650,000 rows) is not recommended because of the amount of time it may take. This issue occurs because the Excel import component maintains the output in memory until the import completes. This can cause performance issues depending on the available system resources. 219754
Screen Resolution

Some users may experience an exception when the screen is set to certain resolutions.


Adjust screen resolution.


Getting Started

Contents of the Release Package

The Toad release package contains the following products:

  1. Toad for SQL Server 7.0
  2. Product Documentation, including:
    • Installation Guide
    • Online Help
    • Release Notes

Installation Instructions

See the Toad for SQL Server Installation Guide for more information.

Toad for SQL Server Editions

Toad for SQL Server Editions

Toad for SQL Server

Quest SQL Optimizer for SQL Server

Benchmark Factory

Toad Data Modeler

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