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Toad for SQL Server 6.8 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Toad® for SQL Server® 6.8

Release Notes

July 2017

Version 6.8 (Click here for previous versions)

These release notes provide information about the Toad for SQL Server release.


New Features

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

Known Issues

Third Party Known Issues

System Requirements

Product Licensing


Getting Started

About this release

With Toad, developers and database administrators can use a familiar, proven tool to manage databases. Toad empowers developers and administrators, of varying skill levels, to rapidly create and execute queries, automate database object management and develop SQL more efficiently.

Toad also provides utilities to compare, extract and search for objects, manage projects, import/export data and administer the database, while increasing your productivity and delivering access to an active user community.

  • Toad for SQL Server6.8 is a minor release,

New Features

New Features in 6.8

Please refer to the web site for a list of the new features implemented in this release:

New Features in 6.7

Health Checks and Spotlight Developer

Monitoring of your SQL Server instances and health check analysis has moved from Toad for SQL Server to Spotlight Developer. Spotlight Developer is a free tool which you can download from the Spotlight Essentials web site. To open Spotlight Developer from within Toad for SQL Server, click Tools | Monitor | Spotlight Developer.

Query Development

Populate Where Clause with Values from File

If you are using IN or NOT IN in a WHERE clause, you can now load multiple values from a .txt, Excel, or .csv file.

  • In the Query Builder, use the Where Condition editor to select the file containing values.

    After the file is uploaded, the values are automatically added to the Where clause. Click the down arrow to display the loaded values or to deselect some values.

  • In the SQL Editor, select Get values from file in the code completion list. Then browse to and select the file containing values.

Display Multiple Results in a Single Grid

  • When a query returns multiple results, you can now display all results in a single grid. When multiple results are displayed in a single tab, select All results to display all result sets in a single grid, or use CRTL+Click to display only the selected sets.

    To enable/disable this feature, go to Tools | Options | Database | Script Result. Select All in one tab and then select Enable all results view.

Background Processes Icon

  • The animated background processes icon has been enhanced to provide a clearer indication that a window is associated with a currently running process.

    For each Query Builder or Editor document with an active background process, this animated icon displays in the window's tab. This allows you to quickly see which windows have executing statements.

Database Management

Data Compare

  • The Data Compare project file has a new XML format. The file extension (.dcp) remains the same. New Data Compare projects you create are saved using this new XML format. Data Compare files created in previous versions of Toad are supported. However, if you open a Data Compare file created in a previous version of Toad, the file is converted to the new XML format.

    Important: Beginning with this release, if you create or modify a Data Compare project in an Automation script that runs against a password-protected database, you must save the password in the Toad connection. To save the password, right-click the connection in the Connection/Navigation Manager and select Properties. Enter the password and select the Save Password option.

  • Because the Data Compare project is now in XML format (instead of a binary file format), the file is easier to read when opened and reviewed in a text editor.


Send Email Activity - Authentication in Non-SSL Connection

  • You can now use the Email Server Settings dialog in the Send Email activity to authenticate your connection even if you are not using an SSL/TLS connection. Previously, the User name and Password fields in this dialog were enabled only when the Use Secure SSL/TLS connection option was selected.

    Now, you can enter a user name and password to authenticate with non-SSL connection.

Send Email Activity - Use Wildcard Characters to Select Attachments

  • You can now use the asterisk (*) and question mark (?) wildcard characters, as well as variables, in a file name to help you select one or more files (in the same directory) to add as attachments. To use this method, do the following:
    1. After clicking the Add Attachments button in the Send Email activity, click the browse button in the File Collection Editor.
    2. Browse to and select one of the files to set the path and the base file name. Click Open in the browse window.
    3. Then, in the File Collection Editor, modify the selected file name (in the right pane) by using wildcard characters and/or variables. Toad will use this modified name to select attachments when the script runs.

Data Compare Activity

  • The Data Compare activity now includes a variable that returns True or False based on the outcome of the comparison. This allows you to easily determine whether or not the comparison was equal without reviewing the generated report. In addition, you can use the variable to trigger other tasks later in the script, such as with an If Condition activity.

Run Program Activity

  • A return code (exit code) with a value of 16384 (4000 hex) or larger is no longer treated as an error by the Run activity.

    Background: In the previous release, any non-zero return code (exit code) was treated as an error by the Run activity. So if you used any non-zero exit code returned by your program (and assigned to the Return Code Variable) to determine actions in a subsequent activity, your script would also generate an error. Also, this method required disabling the Stop on Error option for the activity or script.

    Now, when a non-zero code is returned, you can use your program to generate a custom return code and specify a value of 16384 (4000 hex) or larger. This value will not generate a script error. In addition, if you use this method you can enable the Stop on Error option for the activity or script, if necessary.


Passive Mode is Available for FTP Connections

  • You can now use Passive mode for an FTP connection. When defining a new FTP connection or modifying an existing one, select Passive from the Mode drop-down list in the Connection Properties dialog.

Import and Export

Export Wizard

  • When entering a query in the Export Wizard query editor, pressing the ENTER key now creates a new line instead of attempting to advance to the next page of the wizard.
  • Code completion is now available in the Export Wizard query editor.


Page Setup

  • Margin settings in File | Page Setup are now retained between Toad sessions.

The Library

This release includes a new interface for organizing and accessing your Toad files—the Library.

  • Adding files to the Library is easy. Open the Library (Tools | Library). Click Add to Library and then browse to and select one or more files. You can also drag files or a directory to the Library window to add files.

  • When you add a file to the Library, you can add tags and a topic to the file to make it easier to search for the file within the Library. You can also group and filter files by tags and topics in the Library.
  • Each file is added to the Library, but remains in its original location. A reference to the file is added to the Library and includes the file name, file path, file type, date created, and date modified.
  • As the number of files in your Library grows, use filter, group, and search features to easily find the files you need.

  • If you select Automatically add files to Library on open in Tools | Options | Environment | General, you can add tags and a topic in the Save As dialog when you save any file in Toad.

  • You can run an Automation script from the Library. Right-click the script and select Execute.

Version Control for Files

This release has re-implemented version control for Toad files. Toad can integrate with your existing version control system allowing you to manage multiple versions of Toad files.

  • After you integrate Toad for SQL Server with your version control system, you can perform version control tasks directly from within Toad for SQL Server, such as commit your changes or retrieve the latest file revision from the remote repository.
  • Toad supports Apache Subversion™ for managing Toad files. Toad has been tested with Subversion 1.7.5 and 1.8.
  • You can manage the following file types using version control within Toad for SQL Server: Editor (.tef, .sql, .txt), Query Builder (.tsm), ER Diagram (.ter), and Automation (.tas).
  • To get started with version control in Toad, run the Version Control Wizard. To open the wizard, right-click the document tab of a supported document type and select File Version Control | Version Control Wizard.

  • After configuring version control, to add a file, right-click the document tab and select File Version Control | Add file to working folder.
  • The Repository Browser (Tools | Repository Browser) allows you to view all files in the repository. From the Repository Browser, you can open files, commit changes, retrieve the latest revision of a file, and check the status of one or more files.

New Features in 6.6

Test Data Generator

Use the Test Data Generator to generate realistic test data to load into your databases.

  1. To open the test data generator click File | New | Data Generator

  2. Create a Test Data Generator project.

  3. Set the scope of the project by setting the Toad for SQL Server connection and database schema.
  4. In the test data generator window:
    1. Test data is generated for ticked tables and columns,
    2. Select a table or column,
    3. Set the settings for that selected table or column,
    4. Preview and edit test data,
    5. Generate test data,
    6. Further configure and export.

Query Development

Background Processes

  • The Background Processes pane now identifies the Query Builder or Editor document window (if any) associated with a running process. If you have multiple statements executing simultaneously, this makes it easier to match a running process to its associated document. Click the running process in the Background Processes pane to display the associated document window.

  • In addition, for each Query Builder or Editor document with an active background process, an animated progress icon displays in the window's tab. This allows you to quickly see which windows have executing statements.

Analyze Joins

  • Toad now provides a tool to help you analyze and visualize joins in the Query Builder or a Database Diagram. After building a query or a diagram, click the join between two tables in a diagram. Toad profiles the data based on the relationship between the tables and presents the information in a Venn diagram. Click a section of the diagram to view the values represented by that section.

    The Venn diagram also indicates if a join is a Cartesian join. This gives you the opportunity to modify the join before executing the query.

Sort Columns

  • You can now sort columns in a table diagram in the Query Builder. Right-click a table and select Sort. This is useful for finding a column when the table or view has a large number of fields.

View PDF Files in LOB Viewer

  • You can now view PDF files in the LOB viewing pane in the Database Explorer, SQL Editor, or Query Builder. In the Data tab or Result Sets tab, in a LOB column, open the drop-down LOB viewing pane. If the LOB is a .pdf file, it is displayed in the PDF tab.


Throw Error Activity

  • Automation includes a new activity that allows you generate an error and add a custom error message to the script execution log. In addition, you can instruct Toad to stop or continue after the error is logged. This can be useful if you want to terminate the script when a condition exists that would not normally cause an error.

Automation Reports and Container Activities

  • In activities that allow you to select files created in previous activities in a script, reports generated in container activities are now visible in the File Collection Editor.

New Features in 6.5

Health Checks, Spotlight® Essentials and the Diagnostic Server

Health Checks

Show health check results. Click Tools | Health Check.

Toad connections from the Connection Manager with health check results available are listed.

Connections needing the most attention are listed first. Click on the connection to open the System Health check page on the Spotlight Essentials web site. This provides a detailed analysis of the health checks performed.


Spotlight Essentials

A Spotlight Essentials account is required to check the health of your Toad connections. Registration is free.

Click Tools | Options | Spotlight Essentials | Setup Account

Spotlight Essentials is an online service: Visit the web sit for a thorough analysis of all your connections.


Diagnostic Server

The Diagnostic Server enables performance data from your Toad connections to be sent to your Spotlight Essentials account for analysis. The Diagnostic Server needs to be installed and configured.

Click Tools | Options | Spotlight Essentials | Configure Diagnostic Server

Performance data is uploaded hourly to Spotlight Essentials - providing the Diagnostic Server is operational. You can check the current status of the Diagnostic Server from the Toad Status bar. Select Show Details on the status bar for the current status of the Diagnostic Server and possible solutions to any issues.


Spotlight Essentials - Configure Connections

Manage the connections that upload data to Spotlight Essentials.

Click Tools | Options | Spotlight Essentials | Configure Connections

This screen lists all the connections that are uploading performance data to Spotlight Essentials Add, remove and modify the connections on this screen. Note that this list of connections is stored with the Diagnostic Server. It is available only while the Diagnostic Server is connected and running. If you change the Diagnostic Server host then this list of connections will also change.

There is a simple way to add Toad connections from the Connection Manager to this list. In the Connection Manager, right click the Toad connection and select Add to Spotlight Essentials.

SQL Server 2014 Support

SQL Server 2014 is supported for all existing functionality of Toad.

New Look User Interface

Toad for SQL Server has a new look. This release includes a sleek new design for the main toolbar, as well as a few user interface enhancements designed to simplify your Toad workflow.

  • Main Toolbar: Large, easy-to-read icons make it easy to find and open your favorite Toad modules and tools.

  • Open Connections List: The Open Connections list has moved to the Connection/Navigation Manager pane.

  • Other Toolbars: For ease-of-use, individual module toolbars have moved to their respective windows. This keeps the Main Toolbar clean and display the functions you need only when you need them.

    For example, the Query Builder toolbar now displays in the Query Builder window instead of the Main Toolbar.

    Toad continues to provide maximum flexibility in the Toad workspace, of course. Move, float, and create new toolbars to fit your needs.

  • New Skins: Three new skins have been added: ToadBlue2014, ToadGreen2014, and ToadTan2014.
  • If you like the standard Toad skin, this look is still available. Go to Tools | Options | Environment | Interface and select the Default skin.
  • If you like the standard toolbar, this is still available, also. Right-click the Main Toolbar and deselect Use Large Icons.

Database Administration

Object Explorer

Filtering database objects has several new enhancements.

  • When you enter a search string in the object filter field, the currently-specified Search Condition now displays in a blue banner below the field.

  • You can now specify a default Search Condition in Tools | Options | Explorer | General. If you don't specify a default, the field defaults to the search type you specified the last time you created or modified a filter (includes previous sessions).
  • The following new Search Conditions have been added: Contains (Exact), Starts With (Exact), and End With (Exact). Use these to include (in your text string) certain characters normally used in search logic, such as the underscore character (_).

Connection/Navigation Manager

  • The Connection/Navigation Manager now includes a search feature. Use incremental search to find connections quickly.


Zip/Unzip Activity: You can now unzip existing zip files using the Zip/Unzip activity (formerly the Zip activity).

New Features in 6.1

Database Administration

Object Explorer

  • The Generate SQL | statement/script sub-menu now has a new option, Append To Editor. Use this command to add the generated SQL statement or script to the Editor at the location of your cursor within the Editor pane.

  • The Tables tab now includes a Last Updated column. To display the column, right-click a column header and select Options | Extra Columns | Last Updated.

Object Management

  • When detaching a database, Toad for SQL Server now includes the "SET SINGLE_USER" syntax in the script to put the database in single-user mode.

  • You can now generate a Data Script from the Export menu. Select Tools | Export | Data Script. The Generate Data Script dialog opens for the select database.

  • In the Alter Table dialog, the Columns page now supports multi-select on columns. Ctrl + click to select multiple columns. Then click the UP or DOWN arrows to move all selected columns.

Connection Manager

  • You can now add parameters to a SQL Server connection in the Connection Properties dialog. Toad for SQL Server includes the application name parameter with value "Toad for SQL Server" by default. You can add additional parameters if needed.

Query Development


  • You can now easily select and execute the code within a single region of a script. In the Editor, right-click within the script region you want to execute and select Select Current Region. Then press F5 to execute the code.

  • If you select the Include Actual Execution Plan option when executing SQL, in the Execution Plan window the tab now reads "Actual Plan" to indicate the actual plan is displayed. When the option is deselected, the tab reads "Estimated Plan" indicating the estimated plan is displayed.

  • The SQL Server 2012 SQL statement CREATE SEQUENCE is now included in the Code Snippets.


New Features in 6.0

Data Management

Schema Compare

Toad allows to run Schema Compare against multiple targets.

  • Specify Source and Target Databases page of the wizard was adjusted to allow source and target objects' selection within the same pane. Click Add to start selecting objects for comparison (snapshots or databases). Or you can drag&drop objects from the Object Explorer.

    Browse through the list of connections and check the objects you want to include in comparison. You can also assign colors and aliases for selected objects. Assigning aliases and colors is handy as helps easily distinguish targets.

    To browse through the list of snapshots, select the Snapshots node and add a new snapshots' folder. Select the snapshots from the list, assign colors and aliases.

  • After specifying objects for comparison, the first one is automatically set as source. Click Set as source next to any object to make it source.
  • When reviewing multi-target comparison results, the columns at the right of the Objects pane display comparison status per target (source only, target only, different, etc.). The circle sign indicates that the object exists neither on source nor on selected target (while it is "target only" for another). The Targets pane gives you a tip what databases are compared and how they are ordered as columns in the Objects pane. The colored dots next to database names correspond to the colors selected in the Select Source and Targets page of the wizard.

    To review object scripts in the Script pane select an object in the Objects pane and click on required target column (selected target column is highlighted). The colored lines at the left and right side of the Script pane correspond to the colors selected in the Select Source and Targets page of the wizard that make it easier to track what target script is currently being shown.

    The Properties tab also provides information per selected source and target pair.

  • When synchronizing multiple targets, several synchronization scripts are built and you can switch between them using Targets pane in the Schema Synchronization window. To run synchronization for one or several targets click Execute script(s). You will be prompted to explicitly select targets.

  • The information on databases and snapshots that you selected for comparison, aliases, colors, etc. is saved and stored within Schema Compare. The next time you open Schema Compare the wizard will be populated with your settings.

Data Diff Viewer

  • Data Diff Viewer incorporated advantages of Data Compare. Right-click two tables in the Object and select Send to | Diff Viewer as Data. Or select Tools | Compare | Data Diff Viewer and drag & drop tables to the pane. Also you can compare results sets from the Editor with right-click | Compare To | Set_number.
  • Toad automatically suggests column mapping and selects comparison key (primary or unique key), while you can map columns manually (according to their data types), include or exclude columns and add comparison keys.
  • After comparison, you can easily see the differences per record as Toad allows to organize columns of the source and target tables in pairs, highlights and marks them with "source only", "target only", "different" and etc. The toolbar at the top of the pane allows to filter, group and navigate through the records. The Row Viewer and Cell Viewer at the bottom show details for selected row or cell correspondingly.

Data Grid, Result Sets

Toad allows to view multi-line text as one-line separated by spaces so that you can see all information contained in the grid right in front of you. Right-click a data grid and select Show | Multi-line text as one-line. When this option is cleared, to view multi-line text you have to hover a mouse over a data grid cell or expand it.

Multi-Line as One-line Example



Data Compare

  • Foreign keys are now disabled instead of being dropped and recreated when inserting, updating or deleting data with synchronization script.
  • Text Diff Viewer was integrated into Cell Viewer and allows to see differences clearly.
  • Schemas are now extracted in parallel that significantly reduces comparison time.

Database Administration


Toad now allows to search through the script not only in the Editor window but also in SQL Script page of object's DOE (Database Object Editor) and Script tab in the object's DOV (Database Object Viewer). This feature can be handy when reviewing large automatically created DDL scripts. Press F3 or CTRL+F to invoke a search pane.

Object Explorer

  • (SQL Server 2012) Toad allows to view databases configured for AlwaysOn support. Right-click a database in the Object Explorer, select Options | Extra Columns | Synchronization State or/and Availability Role.

  • Generate SQL submenu was reorganized. Now when you right-click an object and select Generate SQL you are offered to select a type of script to be generated (Create, Alter, Execute, etc.) first followed by To Editor / To Clipboard / To File options. The option you selected last time is remembered (and is marked with bold), so next time you can simply click straight on the type of script without having to select an option from the submenu.

Object Management

  • WITH NOCHECK / CHECK syntax is available for the foreign keys and check constraints both in the DOE (Database Object Editor) and scripting. You can navigate to the Constraints page in the Table DOE and set a foreign key to "Trusted". Trusted property is also shown for foreign keys in View Details | Constraints tab for Tables.

  • When generating execution script for the stored procedures to the Editor, SET @<parametername> = statement is added for each declared parameter. This is handy when you have a lot of parameters declared and need to set them all manually. Just input parameter values without having to type SET statement every time.

  • When renaming a database you can select whether to keep backup and restore information or not. To omit it set Delete backup and restore information to True in the Rename Database DOE.

  • Toad allows to review generated script for TRUNCATE TABLE.

Connection Manager

Toad provides possibility to import connections from Central Management Server. Now to add CMS connections to the Connection Manager pane you click Import Connections in the Connection Manager toolbar, select Central Management Server as import origin and specify connection from the list. Select Connections and Groups page of the Import Wizard displays a list of available connections, including CMS. You can either import the entire CMS Connections group or single connection.


Toad provides more security options when creating users in Contained databases (SQL Server 2012 only).

Service Broker

Service Broker has been completely redesigned and now can be configured for MS SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012. Service Broker allows to set up communication between databases on the same SQL Server instance or between SQL Server instances. Take advantage of secure, reliable messaging with Service Broker in Toad. Invoke Service Broker with Tools | Administer | Service Broker, select a database from the list and click Configure to enable Service Broker.

In the Endpoints tab you can either configure an endpoint for the current SQL Server instance or configure both source and target endpoints using the Transport Security Wizard.

To create Service Broker objects (e.g. message types, queues, notifications, etc.) select a corresponding tab in the lower part of the Service Broker window.

Storage Management

Storage Management has been significantly improved to become more user-friendly and easy-to-use. Select Tools | Administer | Storage Management to invoke it. In the Drives tab you can review information on free disk space and database parameters (size, total writes, total reads, etc). Click on the drive icon to see the list of databases located there. To move a database to another drive just drag it to drive's icon, specify new location on disk drive and follow the instruction in the pane below.

Toad Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Toad provides a plug-in that integrates Toad features in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Enjoy advantages of both products and ease of communication. Toad Plug-in is installed as a part of Toad for SQL Server installation process and supports the following versions of Management Studio:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2 SP2 or later

Toad Plug-in allows to invoke key Toad features right from the Management Studio context menu and send data directly into Toad. Connection information and security settings are transferred automatically and Toad functionality is already up&running.

According to the Toad Edition you run the following Toad features can be invoked from the Management Studio:

  • Group Execute
  • Automation
  • Log Reader
  • Data Compare
  • Schema Compare
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Session Browser
  • Performance Monitor
  • Index Fragmentation
  • and etc.

Query Development


  • GO N syntax is supported. Add it to the end of your script to execute it N times.

  • Script generation has changed - fully qualified database names are now removed from tables, views, procedures and functions. This allows you to run scripts across multiple databases without having to adjust object names for each database. For example, if you have a production and test databases with identical structure and object names you can deploy the same script for both of them with just USE [Database name] statement.

  • (SQL Server 2012) Values now can be concatenated using CONCAT (value1, value2,..., valueN) syntax.

  • (SQL Server 2012) The following system functions are now supported:
    • Try_Convert
    • Parse
    • Try_Parse

    Note: Review Microsoft documentation for more information on converting data types.

  • Toad recognizes and parses SQL more carefully and when you press F9 Toad now executes not all the statements in the current batch but exactly the selected statement. Write SQL as you are used to and do not be limited by necessity to use GO and etc. to separate statements. Toad will distinguish them for you.

Script Results

  • Editor automatically checks syntax when opening a script, executing current statement (F9), checking syntax, changing database in the Editor or refreshing the Script Map. The syntax errors are listed in the Messages tab in the Script Results pane.

  • You can add XML declaration when saving XML data to file with a right-click in the Result Sets tab.


Schema Compare and Data Compare Activities

  • Schema Compare and Data Compare Activities are now available as Database Activities in Automation.

  • Schema Compare and Data Compare activities allow to reuse comparison projects prepared in advance or run new comparison wizard right from the Automation. The interface for both activities is similar and easy-to-use.

    When preparing an activity for automation you simply specify the comparison project, locations for report files and synchronization script. You can also select to execute scripts that will generated during data or schema comparison.

  • Automation button was added to the Data Compare and Schema Compare toolbar. After clicking this button you will be prompted to save your comparison project. Automation pane is invoked automatically and lists your project in Data or Schema compare file field.


This release of Toad for SQL Server includes many new enhancements to Automation variables. Automation variables are now more flexible and easier to use. Toad for SQL Server has expanded the number of places you can use variables in an Automation script.

  • When you create a new variable in Automation (using the Set Variable activity) you can now specify a variable type (String, Number, DateTime, Boolean, or SQL).
  • Built-in variables (variables specified by an activity, like the row-count variable) now have the same functionality and behavior as variables you create using the Set Variable activity.
    • You can use a built-in variable as a bind variable in a SQL statement.
    • You can include a built-in variable in the file name of an output file.
  • The format of the default name that Toad automatically assigns to all built-in variables has changed.
    • The name is composed of the activity’s name (which you can specify) and the variable’s purpose. So if you have an activity named SelectOrders, Toad now names this activity’s row-count variable SelectOrders_RCOUNT.

    • You can customize the name of a built-in variable if you don't want to use the default name.
  • Any bind variables stored in the Bind Variables dialog in Toad are now available to use in Automation. The stored bind variables are now accessible from the Variables list in the expression editors in Automation activities, and also in the Set value field in the Find and Replace activity (if Variable Value is selected).

  • For activities in which you can add a suffix to the output file, you can now select a variable from a previous activity or a bind variable stored in Toad for SQL Server to include as part of the suffix.

  • Formatting the value for a Date type variable is now easier.
    • The Date Functions list provided by the expression editor (in various activities) now includes more-flexible, easier to use functions.

    • You can now use a dash (-) in date/time formats used in Automation variables.

    • You can now use a colon (:) or a forward slash (/) in date/time formats used in Automation variables (except when the variable appears in a file name).

  • In applicable activities, Toad now limits the selection of variables to only those created in activities previous to the current activity.
  • In the Import Wizard and Export Wizard activities, you can now use a variable in the Import/Export template file name.

Loop Dataset Activity

  • In the Loop Dataset activity, you can now select any previously created SQL-type variable to use as the dataset variable. For example, you can use the SQL variable from any Execute Script, Set Variable, or even another Loop Dataset activity that precedes the current activity.
  • The dataset variable in the Loop Dataset activity is now easier to use, and you no longer need to add a Set Variable activity to initialize and use the value stored in the dataset variable.
  • You can use the following format to filter data from the dataset variable when referencing it:

    <dataset variable name>.<filter parameter>

    Example: Loop_data_1_SQL.region_id, where region_id is the column name

Set Variable Value Activity

  • In addition to the many new enhancements to Automation variables, this release includes the new Set Variable Value activity. You can use this activity to easily assign a new value to a previously-defined variable.

Loop Connections Activity

  • This release includes a new Automation activity called the Loop Connections activity. You can use this activity to loop through multiple connections, executing one or more activities against each connection in the list.

Copy File and Delete File Activities

  • You can now use standard wildcard characters in the file name to help you select one or more files to copy or delete. Previously, you could use the only the asterisk (*) in the file name to select multiple files to copy or delete.

  • You can now use a variable in the file name to select one or more files to copy or delete.

  • You can now generate and save detailed Object comparison reports created by the Data Compare activity.
  • You can also generate and run a synchronization script using the Data Compare activity.

Automation Guided Tour

  • The Automation Guided Tour is a helpful wizard that guides you through the process of creating one of several different simple Automation scripts. Use this new wizard to help you create one of the following basic scripts:
    • Export Data and Email
    • Execute Script
    • Import Wizard
    • Exception Reporting
    • Loop Dataset

  • You can send a SQL statement to the Automation Guided Tour from the Editor or the Query Builder by clicking the Send SQL to Automation button in the toolbar.

  • In addition, the last page of the Import Wizard allows you to send your import template to the Automation Guided Tour.

  • After completing the wizard, your new script opens in an Automation window where you can further customize and enhance the script, if necessary.

General Automation Enhancements

This release also includes several general enhancements to Automation activities.

  • In the Automation Toolbox, some activities have switched categories to better reflect their function. The Send Email and the Run Automation Script activities are now in the Systems Activities category.
  • For activities in which you can add a suffix to the output file, Toad now provides a convenient expression editor to easily build a customized suffix.

  • In the Select to File activity, selecting the options for your export file is now much simpler. If necessary, you can still specify the more advanced export file options by using the Export Wizard activity instead of the Select to File activity.
  • In activities that provide a File Collection Editor dialog for selecting files to attach or zip, etc., Toad limits the files to only those created in previous activities. In addition, if a previous activity is disabled, its output files are not available.


Toad includes significant enhancements to Automation that affect attributes in the actual automation script. If you open an automation script from a previous version, a message informs you that the script will be upgraded so it will work in the current version of Toad.

Caution: If you upgrade this script, it will no longer be compatible with previous versions of Toad. However, a backup copy of your script will be saved in the Automation\bak folder in the Application Data Directory under Help | About.


Validation Error Icon

If you choose to upgrade an Automation script created in a previous version of Toad for SQL Server, after opening the script, look for the validation errors icon.

Expressions Used in Automation

Some expressions might break in this release of Toad for SQL Server. For example, if you used a variable in an expression, you must now surround the variable name with the hash (#) symbol (#MyVariable#).

Idea Pond

Idea Pond is a site where you can submit your ideas to improve Toad and vote or comment on other people's ideas. Toad's development has always been driven by our customers, and now it is even easier for you to tell us what changes are most important. This site is free for all customers.

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Resolved Issues and Enhancements

Resolved Issues and Enhancements in 6.8

Please refer to the web site for a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release:

Resolved Issues and Enhancements in 6.7

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.


Resolved Issue

Defect ID

Object Explorer

Corrected a problem where in Object Explorer, clicking Refresh from a parent node in the tree failed to display newly created child objects to that parent. (databases for example)

Fixed an issue showing the connection category color in Object Explorer. 1144
Database script

Corrected a problem where the file name of a data file added to a database from the Files tab was incorrectly named in the database script.

SQL Server 2012 / 2014 Importing connections from the SQL Server Management Studio is now supported for SQL Server 2012 and later. 757

The SQL Debugger Setup Wizard is now supported for local and remote SQL Server 2012 and 2014 SQL instances.


Permissions are now corrected for SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 connections.


Corrected a problem where securables were not shown on a database role.

Build DDL Script

Corrected Build DDL Script Connection Error.

Import Wizard Corrected a problem where the text was difficult to read on the Import Finished > Import data summary results dialog from the Tools ->Import ->Import wizard. 1075
Toad Editor

On typing the Use command in the Toad Editor, code completion now wraps database names in brackets by default.

Schema Compare Schema Compare summary no longer reports differences in the constraint name when the ignore option is selected. 1057
Corrected a problem comparing two databases where one database included a procedure with a server link. The problem caused a Script Execution Error 1208

Corrected a problem comparing two tables where the script failed on adding multiple defaults to a column.


Corrected a problem comparing two tables where the script failed on adding a foreign key constraint twice.


Corrected a problem where the instruction to print from the Server Compare Tab caused an exception.


Enhanced Schema Compare reports with the checked / unchecked state of each object.


Enhanced Schema Compare with a Schema Report that is viewable outside of Toad for SQL Server.

View Details of Jobs

Exception on View Details of Jobs is now corrected.



Exception - Specified cast is not valid - on opening View Detail | Script of a SQL Agent Job is now corrected.

Exception on opening the storage tool is now corrected. 1167
View Details for database user

Corrected Collation conflict for a database user on View Details | Securables: Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" and "French_CI_AS" in the equal to operation.

Tables Corrected a problem where View Details on a user-defined table type showed an exception. 1129

Corrected a problem entering data into a table (data grid), on entering a number into a column in time format the column value showed in date time format.


Corrected a problem where the generated scripts on the Script tab failed to detect changes following Alter a column data type or Table Properties.


Exception corrected on Profiling tab for a table that contained string values that were numeric except for values that contained nothing but spaces.

Corrected a problem when creating indexes from the details view of a table where the index creating dialog hung. 144
Query Result set

As an enhancement, you can now use Toad to display results from more than one query at the same time when multiple queries are selected and run. This makes for easy comparison between results from two different queries / tables.

Excel Import / Export

The Multiple Excel Instances Available dialog is re sizable to cater for long filenames. To open this dialog when multiple Excel spreadsheets are open: Select a table in Object Explorer -> right click ->View Detail ->Data Tab page > right-click a result set in Toad and choose: Quick Export > Excel Instance > Excel Instance At Active Cell.


Corrected a problem where Import text from Excel (column type nvarchar(50) or text) failed and showed null in data grid.


Resolved Issues and Enhancements in 6.6.1

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.


Resolved Issue

Defect ID

Schema compare Corrected an issue comparing tables where the column sort order setting was ignored. 245
Corrected problems in the order in which objects were created on synchronizing databases that resulted in execution errors. 271
Corrected problems in the order in which objects were dropped and created to remove the risk of name conflicts when Make target like source. 932
Corrected an error in the script generated when comparing tables - if the tables differed only in that one had more indexes than the other, then the tables would incorrectly be reported as the same. 834
New Refresh Compare (F5) button to refresh the schema comparison result. 1012
Corrected an issue where the selection of objects in the Schema Compare project was not always remembered. 1010
General Fixed an issue where Toad shutdown on canceling a running script. 985
Code Completion Corrected a problem where in a multi screen environment the correct operation of Code Completion depended on the monitor in use. 717
Corrected a problem when using Code Completion on an inner join. 913
DDL Script Corrected the generated DDL - Now added the schema name to the foreign keys clause. 925
Database The script generated when restoring a database in single user mode has been corrected to include scenarios where the database does not exist or was previously dropped. 1006
Discovery Wizard Discovery wizard now shows the product version and SP number for SQL Server 2012 and above. 1009
Service Manager Fixed an issue where Toad shutdown on starting a database service on the localhost. 947
SQL Azure Connection On executing SQL the Execution Plan is now visible through SQL Server Azure. 1050
Object Explorer Corrected a problem where on removing a Filter on a View in Object Explorer the filter continued to be applied. 830
Alter Table Fixed an issue where on altering a table through the user interface, foreign keys were dropped but not recreated. 986
Corrected a problem where on using a third party version control system and requesting Get Latest Version on a table with status unknown, a script was generated to drop and create the table. 938
Corrected a problem where a foreign key\check constraint was incorrectly enabled on generating a script for the table. 1015
SQL Editor Corrected a problem where on generating an INSERT statement and adding it to the SQL Editor, an error in the syntax was incorrectly reported. 738

Resolved Issues and Enhancements in 6.6

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.


Resolved Issue

Defect ID

Data Type

Added the bit data type to Tools | Options | Environment | Grid | Data Type Formatting. Bit data type values are displayed as 0 or 1 in the grid and exported as 0 or 1.

Log Reader Corrected a problem where for backup online transaction logs in the Log Reader the user information associated with the transaction was blank. 769
Schema Compare Corrected an exception where On database | Get Schema Compare Snapshots, in the Schema Snapshot Wizard "run background tasks for snapshots" was selected. 761
Editor Corrected a problem that gave rise to an exception error when the editor was closed when group execute was enabled. 735 / 719
Verify SQL Corrected the case where lookup errors were raised on Editor | Verify SQL containing the CREATE PROCEDURE statement. 703
Alter Table Corrected a problem where altering the column data type of a table also altered the constraint name. 622
Table Viewer Corrected a problem where on selecting to view details of a table, then in the table viewer selecting the Script tab, gave rise to a SQL Server Database Error. 616
Corrected a problem in the table viewer when rows were added / removed and the Rowcount did not change on refresh. 705
Options Corrected a problem with the Environment | Keyboard | Editor | Clipboard option CycleClipboardRing where unnecessary style information was added. 24
Database Details

Added the "Encryption" setting to the view of database details.

Code Completion Added code completion to automatically alias for a table. 601
SQL Corrected a problem in the SQL generated by Toad when a constraint was removed and that constraint had "." in the name. 645

Corrected a problem in the SQL generated by Toad on adding a field description to a table with the MS_Description extended property. The field's MS_Description property was listed twice.


Resolved Issues and Enhancements in 6.5

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.


Resolved Issue

Defect ID

Options Fixed a problem where Options | Extensions | SQL selected and .sql files still opened in SQL Server Management Studio. 288

Fixed a problem where for Generate SQL | Data Script options "Generate use <database> and Use Transactions were synched.

Script Generation Fixed problem where generate DDL script fails "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" and script permissions are set in Export DDL Options. 282
Have separated the "Disable constraints" option into two options: "Disable foreign key constraints" and "Disable indexes". 155
On Generate SQL | Data Script when constraints are disabled, fixed a problem where Foreign key constraints were not dropped. 140
On Generate SQL | Data Script, multiple scripts, fixed a problem where an incorrect message was displayed at end of data creation. 139

On Generate SQL | Data Script, fixed an error with options "Script Tables" combined with "Schema Qualify", and "Use Transactions".

Database | Security | Users | Script - Fixed a problem where 'G' for "Windows Group" was missing. 289
Pivot Grid Windows 8: Fixed a problem with "Show Field List" on the Pivot & Chart page. 440
SQL Editor

Fixed "Quest.FastData.FastDataException" on SELECT * FROM table

Object Explorer

Fixed the problem that caused the SQL Server Database Error: Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "Latin1_General_CI_AS" and "Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS" in the UNION operation.


Fixed a problem when on "Tasks | Attach a database" the files associated with the database do not show.


Fixed a problem where refresh of Object Explorer did not show a newly created database.


Fixed a problem of slow loading tables in Toad 6.1.

Fixed a problem setting VarChar/Nchar Input Parameter Size Changes. 157
Fixed a problem where "The user does not have permission to perform this action" shows for tables where the user does have view server state permission. 199
Fixed a problem where on altering a table and the table needed to be rebuilt some extended properties were lost. 146
Connection Manager Resolved Toad Exception error on Import Connections Wizard | Central Management Server for connections in a group. 221

Resolved Toad Exception error on Import Connections Wizard | Central Management Server while connected to an instance.

Job Management Fixed a problem where Toad sometimes crashed on Alter Job, Send to | Editor or Open DOV | Schedules. 195
Version Control Password to Version Control now hidden on Output window. 274

When using TFS: Fixed Access Denied error on Get Latest Version of scripts; fixed a problem where new scripts are now saved in the TFS working folder.

When using SVN: Fixed a problem where object has "merge status" when no changes have been made. 202

Resolved "Working directory mismatch" error on migrate from 6.0 settings and commit.

Code Completion

SELECT CASE...(WHEN...THEN) now supported by Code Completion.

Export Wizard On exporting from SQL Query | Result Sets, format SQL script, fixed a problem entering/selecting Script Options. 383

On exporting from Stored Procedure | Result window, fixed the problem that resulted in the error "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Declare'".

Schema Compare and Sync Fixed the issue that resulted in the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" on running Schema Compare. 124
Fixed a problem with the "ignore fill factor" option in Schema Compare. 52
Session Browser

Fixed a problem where on upgrade the Session Trace facility became disabled.

Fixed a problem where in a multi user environment the Session Browser failed to show a reconnected session. 208
Schema Reports In the Schema Compare Report the Target / Target name now displays correctly. 201

Fixed Toad Exception error on closing the Filter Databases window.

SQL Editor Fixed a problem where dependent on the cursor location, F9 executes all SELECT statements. 173
Object Editor (DOE)

Fixed a problem when formatting the script with a custom formatter, set comma to trailing.

Data Compare & Sync Fixed a problem with the Disable Triggers option during Data Compare. 126
Data Grid Fixed a problem where for a table that has a PK which generates its own unique # an inserted row sometimes does not save. 122
Fixed a problem where the CTRL+F short key was not working in the data grid of the Table viewer. 55
General Resolved the problem behind the error: "Cannot drop the user because it does not exist or you do not have permission." 56

Fixed the link to Cloud Computing | SQL Azure Portal.

Compare Object Fixed a problem on the toolbar where Server Compare was missing when no connection. 213

Resolved Issues and Enhancements in 6.1

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.


Resolved Issue

Defect ID

Connections You can now add parameters to a SQL Server Connection in the Connection Properties dialog. ST109376
Database Explorer When viewed in the Database Explorer, Partition Functions now include a Dependencies tab. TSS-34
Debugger Resolved various Debugger issues. TSS-4, ST110043, ST109824
Editor You can now execute only a region (between "region name" and "end region") of your script by right-clicking within the region and selecting Select Current Region. Then press F5. ST110144, TSS-21
Editor If you select to include the actual execution plan when executing SQL, the tab in the Execution Plan window now reads "Actual Plan." TSS-26
Editor Null values now display in a consistent format in the Results tab. ST96379
Editor An issue that caused a "System.ArgumentException" error when selecting the Execution Plan tab in the Results pane of the Editor has been resolved. ST108504
Editor You can now easily add the generated SQL statement or script to the Editor at the location of your cursor within the Editor pane by using the Generate SQL menu item. ST109599
Editor Code completion now correctly displays the items list after a "SELECT TOP N | FROM [schema].[object_name]" query. ST110127
Editor Syntax highlighting now works as expected with scientific notation using the character "E" ST110376
Explain Plan Toad now shows missing indexes in the Execution Plan. ST72511
Export During Quick Export to Excel, data with TinyInt data type is exported as expected (not as a null value). ST86688
General Enhancements to the Document Recovery Manager. ST109848
General The generate DDL Script menu item (Tools | Export | DDL Script) is now disabled when there is no active connection. ST100759
General An issue that caused an error on start-up when running multiple remote sessions with different domain users has been resolved. ST111532
Installation Toad now supports the use of temporary or mandatory profiles in a Citrix deployment. QAT-580
Installation You no longer encounter an error during installation if the SSMS plug-in that was installed with a previous version is currently open. ST109570, ST110045, ST110046
Job Manager The "Auto refresh tasks window every" option (Tools | Options | Job Manager | Advanced) now remains selected after closing and re-starting Toad. ST86083
Object Details In a Toad for SQL Server Beta release, an issue that caused an error when attempting to edit a Login has been resolved. TSS-15
Object Details The Constraints tab of Object Details (Viewer) now correctly displays the property "Trusted." ST107824
Object Explorer When an object node other than a Database node is selected, filtering now works as expected. TSS-5
Object Explorer The following issue has been resolved: The Alter Table dialog does not close and apply specified changes as expected after clicking OK. TSS-35
Object Explorer Alter Table dialog now includes multi-select on columns. ST107528
Object Explorer The Table tab in the Object Explorer now includes a "Last Updated" column. ST101348
Report Toad saves the user's previously-specified print settings and applies them automatically the next time the user prints a report. ST103581
Schema Compare and Sync An issue that caused a "System.ApplicationException" error when attempting to generate a sync script has been resolved. ST110275
Script Generation In a script to restore database with transaction logs, the STOPAT statement is now included. ST110181
Script Generation The restore log statements are now in the correct sequence in a script to restore database with transaction logs. ST110182
Version Control Toad now supports Subversion 1.8. ST110531
Version Control An issue that caused an "Out of memory" error when attempting to refresh version control states with a database of more than 2500 objects has been resolved. ST110138


Resolved Issues and Enhancements in 6.0

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.


Resolved Issue

Defect ID

Code Completion The columns with ROWVERSION/TIMESTAMP data type is no longer included in the INSERT INTO (...) SELECT (...) code snippet.


Data Grid "Use locale-independent format" option now works for DateTime, Number data types. ST106316
Fixed issue with not being able to clear data filter.


Fixed issue "Applying a column filter on a Bit data type generates exception". ST104886
Fixed issue "Unable to cancel pending update in case of locked table". ST104287
Fixed issue "Cannot copy&paste data from one DATETIME column to another". ST105542
Diff Viewer Various fixes and updates (including fixing misaligned comparison, case sensitive comparison, scrolling synchronization, etc.).





ER Diagrammer Fixed issue "Exception occurs on establishing new connection after "Object Annotation Cache" folder was moved". ST98395
Filtering Fixed various issues with filtering (filtering by owner, multi column filtering).



Fixed issue with object count changes when switching between the tabs provided the regular expressions are used. ST103359
Import Wizard Fixed issue with not being able to import data from text delimited file on SQL Azure. ST108806
Job Management Fixed issue with incorrectly displaying 31 month jobs in Calendar.


Object Details (DOV) Alter Table: Fixed issue with Columns and Data tabs not being refreshed after adding a primary key.


Fixed issue "Cannot see the database properties for the specific database more than 1TB because Arithmetic overflow error". ST108052
Object Editor (DOE) Alter Table: Changes can be applied to more than one constraint. ST104230

Fixed issue "Incorrect script is generated when editing permissions for not master database. USE MASTER statement is generated instead of USE <current database>".

Windows Server 2000: Fixed issue with not being able to DROP LOGIN.


Alter Table, extended alter: Fixed issue "FK recreation is missing in the generated script". ST107576
Object Explorer Fixed issue "Unable to Drop Synonyms from the Object Explorer". ST105807
Fixed issue "Row Count extra column doesn't disappear after being unchecked".


Fixed issue "Switching between the tabs in Tabbed Multiline mode leads to System.NullReferenceException". ST106057
Fixed issue "Create Object action is disabled if Object Explorer toolbar is disabled". ST101731
Query Builder Fixed issue "Incorrect script is generated for queries containing aliases with more than one word".


Schema Compare & Sync

Fixed issues with printing schema reports.



Fixed issue "Toad fails to open user's Schema Compare snapshot".


Additional logging is implemented. ST107318
Fixed issue "System.ApplicationException appears when comparing databases with keys". ST107093
Fixed issue "Schema Compare fails on Windows Server 2012 with particular permissions settings".


Fixed issue with some items disabled in the pop-up menu when viewing snapshots. ST83639
Fixed issue with opening synchronization script in the Editor for the wrong connection. ST91542
Fixed issue "No differences are marked when comparing long stored procedures". ST98597
Fixed various issues with Snapshot Viewer. ST102813
SQL Azure: Fixed issue "Schema Compare doesn't work if user has only connect database grant". ST106376
Fixed issue "Incorrect status of progress bar during sync script generation". ST108500
Schema Reports Fixed issue "Schema Report: System.NullReferenceException occurs when generating the report".


Script Generation Fixed issue "Generate Insert Statement contains timestamp columns".


Fixed issue "Extended alter script generates for about 3-5 minutes on complex table".


Restore database syntax was improved.


Fixed issue "Generate Data Script saves file with doubled BOM that leads to inconsistency of data". ST107816
Script Results GO with count statement is supported in Toad.


Service Broker Service Broker now supports SQL Server 2008. ST60874
Service Broker now supports SQL Server 2012.


SQL Editor Fixed issue with incorrect formatting for identity columns.


Fixed issue with recognizing labels as incorrect syntax.


Improved format style for joined tables.


Improved format style for Drop Index syntax.


Fixed issue with exception occurred when trying to open customer's script. ST103259
Version Control Fixed issue with not being able to commit functions with inline table-valued syntax. ST107889
Fixed issue "New active task appears when Commit window opens even if commit is not initialized".


Known Issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.


Known Issue

Defect ID

Startup/ Installation

(Windows Vista on Toad client only) If you initially start Toad when logged in as a standard user and enter a license key, the license key should be saved to:

C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 6.8

However, a standard user does not have write privileges in Vista to C:\Program Files so the key is saved to the following directory instead: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 6.8

If you later start Toad as an administrator, you are prompted to enter the key again because it is not in the C:\Program Files directory.


If intending to hibernate the machine with the open connections to the servers that might be unavailable at the next startup, it is recommended to disconnect first due to risk of data loss. N/A

When installing Toad using Quest Installer on Windows 7 64-bit, Program Compatibility Assistant may appear with “This program might not have installed correctly” message.


Select This program installed correctly to continue installation. For more information, see


Code Completion Code Completion provides limited syntax support of SELECT * INTO clause. ST87112
Connection Manager

Cannot establish Named Pipes connection if "Poll service status in connection list" option is selected.


Clear "Poll service status in connection list" checkbox on the Tools | Options | Database | General page.

Data For some queries, attempting to right-click a row and select Row Count results in a message stating that the row count could not be determined. N/A
Performance Monitor You may encounter an exception in the Performance Monitor during recording: in the Object explorer expand and collapse a tables list. 930
You may encounter an exception when using the Performance Monitor and Session Browser at the same time. 948
Schema Compare When the Ignore column order option is not selected two tables are incorrectly reported to be equal. 245
The script comparing two databases where one database is empty has execution errors. 271
The script synchronizing two databases that have the same table with different index is incorrect. 834
Debugger You may encounter some issues when debugging remotely. ST82044
Editor Toad may hang after applying Short Format Uppercase Keywords or Short formats to large scripts.


Execution Plan

You cannot generate an estimated execution plan for queries containing local temporary tables because the execution plan uses a different connection to generate the plan and does not know about the temp table.

Use the actual execution plan button to generate execution plans for SQL that contains a temp table.

Export Wizard/ One Click Export

Limitations when exporting fractional seconds:

  • When exporting to an Access Database File, exports do not support fractional seconds, so the additional data is not exported.

  • When exporting to an Excel instance, exports support only 3-digits for fractional seconds. However, if you export to an Excel file, it supports all fractional seconds.


Avoid using Excel for exporting if your data has numeric values that require a high precision because Excel's precision is limited to 15 digits. If you export numbers with more precision, the values are rounded. If you export boundary numbers (max, min), rounded numbers will exceed the data type limit.


Job Manager SQL Azure connections currently display in the Job Manager even though the Job Manager is not available for SQL Azure. ST75721
Log Reader User information only displays for operations in the sessions that are currently open. Backups do not contain this information because only the SPID information is available to them.


SQL Azure connections currently display in the Read Log wizard even though the Log Reader is not available for SQL Azure. ST75720
Object Explorer/ Database Explorer

Table and Index Partitioning:

  • Currently, you cannot create or manage a partition on a table or index that includes a FileStream column.
  • Currently, estimating index compression savings runs a full table compression savings query, so the estimation may be slow on large tables.



FDCC: User cannot start/stop SQL Agent running Toad with Regular or Admin User account on the client side in some limited environments.


Start the SQL Agent on the server side.


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