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Toad for SAP Solutions 4.1 - Installation Guide

Troubleshoot Excel® Issues

Review the following to help troubleshoot and solve issues involving Excel files.

Working with Excel Files



Microsoft Excel worksheet row and column limits

When exporting to Excel, be aware that Excel worksheets have limits for maximum number of rows and columns supported.

See Microsoft Excel specifications and limits for more information.

Opening Excel Files in Toad Document Window

Issue Cause/Solution

Excel menus do not display when you open Excel files in a Toad document window.

The Toad document window cannot display all Excel menus.


Right-click the Excel toolbar and add the equivalent toolbar for the missing menu or functionality.

When two or more instances of Excel are open in Toad document windows, toolbars are active for only one instance.

Toad document windows support one Excel instance at a time. Opening more than one Excel file disables the Excel toolbars for the additional files.


Open only one Excel file at a time.


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