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Toad for SAP Solutions 4.1 - Installation Guide

Publish to Toad Intelligence Central

Use the Publish to Intelligence Central dialog to publish Toad documents and other Toad resources to a Toad Intelligence Central server.

To publish generic files, such as Excel files, see Publish Generic Files to TIC.

To publish misc resources, such as database connections or URLs, see Publish Other Toad Resources.

Note: This feature requires access to a Toad Intelligence Central server.

To Publish to Intelligence Central

  1. To publish a Toad document, open the document in Toad and click in the local toolbar.
  2. In the Publish to Intelligence Central dialog, specify publishing options. Review the following for additional information:

    Publishing Page/Options Option Description
    Destination Options  

    Publish to Server

    Select a Toad Intelligence Central server connection as the publishing destination.

    Click to review the connection properties for the selected TIC connection.

    Destination Folder

    Select the folder where you want to store the published object, or create a new folder.

    • To create a new folder, click the drop-down arrow and then click New Folder.

    (Optional) Select a destination database. This feature is provided for third-party applications that access the underlying Intelligence Central databases directly.

    • To select or create a database, click . Select an existing database or create a new one.
    Object Options  

    Publish Type

    Select the type of object you want to publish. If you are publishing a script or Toad document, the type is automatically selected.


    Create a name to display in the Object Explorer.

    Notes: Only alpha and numeric characters and the underscore (_) are permitted in object names. A name cannot begin with an underscore.

    Overwrite Existing Object—Select to overwrite an existing object with the same name. Select this option when re-publishing after editing a script or Toad document.


    (Optional) Enter an object description. The description displays in the Information tab of the Database Explorer.


    (Optional) Add tags to use for filtering in the Object Explorer. Tags also display in the Information tab of the Database Explorer.

    1. Click Add Tag to add a tag. Then enter a new tag or click the drop-down arrow to select from existing tags.
    2. Press the Tab key to add additional tags.

    Click the link to modify sharing (visibility) options. Review the following based on the folder to which you are publishing:

    To a new or existing folder—Specify object sharing options. See Specify Sharing and Manage Privileges for a description of sharing options and manage privileges.

    To save your changes, click Apply or .

    To revert to the default settings, click Reset.


    For a Toad File

    Click the link to view the connection information for all connections in the file, or to enter a connection password.

    • If you did not save the connection password in the Connection Properties dialog, enter the password now.
    • If you did save the connection password, Toad automatically enters it.

    To save your changes, click Apply or .

    To revert to the default settings, click Reset.

    Send email notification to shared users

    Select to send a notification email to each user you specified on the Sharing settings page. After you publish the object, the email is generated and opens for you to review, edit, and send.

    See View Your Intelligence Central Notifications for more information about all types of notifications.

    Important: To undo changes, click Reset. Then click to return to the Summary page.

  3. Click Publish to publish the object.

    The dialog closes and the publishing process runs in the background.

  4. After the object publishes successfully, a confirmation window displays and includes a link to the newly-published object. Click the link to open the object in the Toad Intelligence Central Object Explorer.

Compatibility with Intelligence Central Versions

  • Publishing Toad documents and generic files is supported in Toad Intelligence Central 2.3 or later.


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