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Toad for SAP Solutions 4.1 - Installation Guide

Add Notes

You can add notes to objects in the Object Explorer, Database Diagram, and Query Builder. Any notes added in a feature automatically display in any other feature that supports notes. For example, if you add a note to a table in the Database Diagram, the note automatically displays when you view that table in the Object Explorer or Query Builder.

To add a note

  1. Right-click the diagram pane, a table/view, or a relationship line in the Database Diagram or Query Builder and select Notes.


    Right-click an object in the Object Explorer and select Notes.

  2. Enter any notes. A yellow sticky note indicates that a note exists on an object or relationship line similar to the following:

    Note: If you add a note to the diagram pane in the Query Builder or Database Diagram, the only indicator that a note exists is to right-click and see if the Remove Notes menu option is enabled.


  • To share notes with colleagues, select the Share Object Annotations checkbox and specify a shared directory in Tools | Options | Database | Cache.
  • To delete a note, right-click the note indicator and select Remove Notes.


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